11 Amazing Chrome Themes You Can Try for Best Experience 2023

Chrome as all we know it is a search engine by Google. On the desktop, when we open we find the Chrome search bar with an ordinary theme. Using some steps we can change the theme to different types. There are so many unique and best Chrome themes to try.

Ordinary Theme


 How To Change Chrome Theme?

Following are the steps to change the theme:

  1. Firstly, Open Chrome on a Desktop or Laptop.
  2. At the Top, Right Click More—->Settings.
  3. There we find “Appearance”, click “Themes”. We can also use the gallery photos as the theme by visiting Chrome Webstore Themes.
  4. Click different Thumbnails for “Preview”.
  5. When you find a theme and want to use it then, Click “Add” to Chrome.

Best Chrome Themes of 2023 (FREE)

The 11 Best Chrome Themes are listed below:

1. Dark Theme V3

Dark Theme V3 is a free extension for the Google Chrome web browser. This theme allows users to turn on a dark theme for their browser. It also allows users to browse at night time or light it low and prevents the overbearing glow of a white screen from impeding usage. This is particularly useful while browsing right before bed, ensuring that the bright screen doesn’t affect sleep and keeps users awake at night.

Dark Chrome Theme V3

2. Abstract Blue Chrome Theme

Abstract Blue Theme is the most elegant dark theme based on Abstract Blue shapes resembling smoke swirls. This theme is best for an Aesthetic look.

Abstract Blue Chrome Theme

 3. Earth in Space Chrome Theme

Earth in Space theme depicts the atmospheric view of the Earth from space. This theme is a combination of black and blue theme elements. This is best for an extra-terrestrial view. It is designed by Atavi.com.

Earth in Space Chrome Theme

 4. Planet Spaceix Chrome Theme

Planet Spaceix theme has theme graphics on the screen. This theme Bookmark bars without impeding visibility and is also best for dramatic effect. This theme is the most used one by users.

Planet Spaceix Chrome Theme

 5. Real Moon Chrome Theme

The Real Moon theme is best for Space enthusiasts. This theme looks like a real telephoto shot of the Earth’s moon. The stars in the background of the main image persist into the control areas and remain visible in tabs. This theme is best for Atmospheric accuracy.

Real Moon Theme

 6. Amber Autumn Theme

Amber Autumn theme is a cheerful warm theme. Also, It has a strong autumnal palette. This theme is best for a warm mood.

Amber Autumn Theme

 7. Into the Mist Theme

This theme is simple, and dark with the best and most polished look. It looks good and means there’s still some flavour to the theme even when you are actually using the browser. But opening tabs can be of little hard to read. Into the Mist theme is best for a mellow mood.

Into the mist theme

 8. Beauty Theme

The beauty Theme is a brightly coloured nature theme. It is featuring a landscape shot that could be mistaken for a postcard. Beyond the main theme image, there is a  silver-grey colouring that makes tabs and google bookmarks easy to find. It is quite bright, though nothing about this theme is dull or muted. This theme is best for a whimsical mood.

Beauty Theme

 9. Rain Drops(Non- Aero) Theme:

By observing this theme we can think calmly without boring. Tabs and bookmarks are easy to see, even though theme imagery continues into the header. The only issue we could find was that the theme imagery is darkest in the top left corner of the screen, which makes the first tab and the forward or back arrows hard to see. Rain Drops theme is best for that rainy-day feeling.

Rain Drops Theme

10. Harvest Paisley Theme

This theme is charming, Etsy made my wallpaper vibe with big, abstract nature shapes. This is a fun one but it’s bright, and bookmarks can be hard to see against the theme imagery in the browser header.

Harvest Paisley Theme

 11. The Avengers Theme

This theme is an Eschewing artsy effort in favour of a full-cast display that gives a movie-poster effect. Avengers theme from prolific developer Peter Noordjik is the top-rated Avengers theme on the Chrome Web Store. The control areas are dark so easy to see.

The Avengers Theme


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