How To Add Text To Tiktok – Steps ( With Screenshot )?

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Add Text To TikTok can be done easily. There is a simple process where you can add text. However, Tiktok is one of the famous short video applications. Also, it has a large number of downloads. The usage of this app became high.


How To Add Text To Tiktok?

To know how to add text. You need to follow each and every step below carefully.

  • Firstly, open the TikTok application on your mobile.
  • Then, after opening the app. Tap on the “plus icon”. It is at the middle bottom of the home page.
  • Hold the “camera button” and then record a video.adding text
  • After completion of recording, you can tap on the “Tick Button”. Which is at the right bottom corner of the screen.
  • Now, click on “Aa” for adding text to your Tiktok video.
  • To the text that you have typed, you can change the font, background, and color.text
  • There are five font styles, sixteen colors. Moreover, you can outline or highlight the text.
  • You can make your text appear on the specific duration time of your video.
  • For that, you have to long-press the text and then tap on “Set Duration”.time duration
  • If you do not set the duration for the text. Then, the text appears in the entire video.set
  • Drag the end of the clips to set the duration. Then tap on the “Checkmark” and “Done” buttons.done button
  • In this way, you can enter text into the TikTok application.

Why Should You Add Text To The TikTok Video?

To convey a message or story to the people who are watching your video. Adding text makes your video unique. You can add text to tell the viewers different things. Below are some of the messages that you can convey.

Story Telling

You can add text and set the duration of time for short storytelling purposes. Also, you can tell the story in two parts. Some viewers watch videos without sound. Moreover, these videos easily catch the attention of people. The experts say to create a problem and then solve it step by step to create the attention of viewers.story telling

Tips & Tricks

Many people who create videos add text to tell tips to the viewers. The people who are not able to listen can understand easily by reading it. By setting the duration of time to the text you can make your video attractive. When you add text then no need for the person to lip-sync the audio. The person can simply show hand gestures to the text that is going to get

Top Products

Some of the people who do videos will not use background music. They do with their own voice along with the text. They display top products or brands in the text. For example top 5 hair oils, top 5 face wash products, Top companies which pay the highest salary, top 5 jobs, and more.

What is Text?

Text is nothing but a sequence of sentences that belong to one category. It is a piece of written or spoken material in its primary form. Moreover, it is a stretch of language that can be understood in context. A Group of words becomes a sentence. Similarly, a Group of sentences becomes text. You have many options to edit the text on any social media platform.


The steps to add text on TikTok are mentioned. About text and why the text needs to be added on TikTok videos is also given here. By following every step carefully you can easily ad the text. To make your video unique and attractive you should add effects, text, and filters. Moreover, you should use trending hashtags to make your video trendy.

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