Are Virtual Phone Numbers Safe?

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One of the goals of using virtual numbers is to protect confidential data. However, will it be safe to receive SMS to virtual phones upon registration? Today it is one of the most popular and demanded services. Ensuring the safety of its use is the primary task of virtual telephony providers.

Simple Steps of Online SMS Receiving 

To get an SMS to a virtual phone number, the user does not even need a smartphone. SMS will be sent to his online account. Having received the code, the person enters it on the registration website or app. After that, there are two possible futures for the virtual number:

  • If it is a disposable number, it will be deactivated no later than in one hour 
  • If it is a number on a long-term rental, it will be kept by the owner for as long as he requires it

How User Security Is Protected

The most popular platforms use advanced digital infrastructure to receive SMS online. To achieve the goals of the convenience and safety of the service, the providers follow some protective measures:

  • Ease of registration when opening a personal account
  • Possibility to choose a virtual number of many countries
  • Retention of a virtual number for registration, if necessary, on the rights of a long-term rent
  • The inability to reuse a one-time phone number when registering on the same resource
  • Millions of virtual numbers to choose from. And this base is constantly expanding.

Turning to virtual telephony services for verification, you 100% anonymize your identity. Your permanent phone number is not recorded on registration websites. This means that you can safely subscribe even to those websites or apps that create the impression of unreliable ones. With the help of virtual number protection, no dangers on the Internet can become real to you!

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