What are the Benefits of a Standing Desk?

    Benefits of a Standing Desk
    Benefits of a Standing Desk

    Numerous adults within the UK now spend more than 7 hours a day sitting and this usually increases to 10 hours or more as we do overtime. This might be scarcely astonishing if you think about our routines which can be daily such as sitting at our desks or being sat in the car. The problem is that our anatomical bodies are not engineered to be sat within a fixed place throughout the day.

    Extended periods of sitting have an impact that is significant on our health. This may include stress on our necks, herniated discs, muscle degeneration, and weakened bones. These are merely a few of the nagging issues included in the dilemma of sitting for too long. Using an electric standing desk can help combat these issues and also give the body a chance to encounter all of the health advantages which go alongside it. 

    Numerous researchers indicate that switching between sitting, walking, and standing in the workplace is vital to your wellbeing. Some evidence additionally shows that staying active through the workday can improve productivity. Naturally, these advantages assist employers, too. Studies have unearthed that standing desks can increase work satisfaction and workplace interaction. Let’s get into the benefits of a standing desk.


     Standing Burns Calories

    Standing up at work can help you burn 50 calories per hour. Even though this is not a substitute for exercise, it will still have a positive impact on your health. It is still extremely important to do exercise regularly and have a balanced diet to keep fit and healthy.

    Standing Gives You More Energy

    While this may sound incorrect, standing actually improves your energy levels as it increases blood flow. A lot of large companies like Google give their employees standing desks because they care about their employee’s health and want this to improve their productivity. 

    87% of individuals from the ‘Take A Stand Project’ stated they had more energy if they frequently used their standing desks to complete jobs. An excessive amount of sitting as well as a lifestyle that is sedentary also demonstrated an ability to increase the risk of despair and anxiety. No unexpected situations there, right? What’s interesting is exactly how standing up for the workday can improve your mood, boost power, and mitigate negative issues.

    “Our research found that employees just who increased their particular standing by around 60 to 90 minutes had been more active and felt more energized than employees just who used traditional desks, whilst not compromising their work result,” lead specialist Dr Josephine Chau said

    Reduce back pain

    In the USA, the average workplace worker sits for a shocking 15 hours. Research indicates that a lot of sitting can offset the advantages of exercise. More importantly, poor posture while sitting can compress vertebral disks and lead to disc degeneration.

    The most common complaint of employees who just sit throughout the day is back pain. This is why a lot of researchers are researching whether standing desks can help reduce these problems. 

    It could be a good idea to use both a standing desk and an office desk so you are not always in one posture. If you need multiple monitors on your desk like a triple monitor setup, it’s important to choose the right desk so you don’t end up getting injured due to a long period of incorrect posture during work. 

    Well, standing desks have lots of benefits but the main downside is the fact that a standing desk is exactly what it says it is. While there are adjustable models available, they tend to be a lot more expensive than a fixed standing or sitting desk, and if you need to carry out complex or delicate work, it is proven that sitting is in fact better for accuracy and productivity in these roles. It could be a good idea to use both a standing desk and a sitting desk; switching between the two can give you benefits from both.

    So what are your thoughts on the standing desk? Do you like it or do you prefer sitting? If you never tried a standing desk, then it’s definitely worth giving it a try.


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