Best Anime On Hulu – Latest 2019 Top Anime Watch List

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Best Anime On Hulu

Got a Hulu subscription & want to watch good Anime on the platform? Well, you’ve reached the right place as we have sorted the top 5 anime shows that you can watch on Hulu. Read the article, pick your favorites & start watching. However, we have selected the best animes available so, these didn’t come out in 2019 but, are best to watch this year.

Best Anime On Hulu

One Punch Man

If you keep track of the popular Japanese anime titles, you have definitely heard about One Punch Man. Saitama & his incredible punch against the bad guys have attracted millions of viewers over the years. New episodes are coming out every week so, you probably don’t want to miss this one.

Watch One Punch Man on Hulu

Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan is another super popular anime series. The story revolves around a boy who lost everything as a result of the attack of humanoids called Titans. The series has won the hearts of a huge audience & the show is running towards the end of its third season. However, there are strong rumors about a fourth season & that makes a lot of sense.

Watch  Attack On Titan on Hulu

My Hero Academia

My hearo academia is another trump card in this segment. The story narrates how someone can be born powerless & become a hero where others are born with superpowers of their own. This anime has gained a huge fanbase & currently one of the most popular anime available. Watching this one is totally worth it.

Watch My Hero Academia on Hulu

Steins; Gate

Want to get into some science? How does time travel sounds like? Steins; Gate is a story about a group of university students discovering time travel & later fighting to stop plans of an evil group led by a freak scientist who is trying to take over. Sci-Fi lovers will love this one.

Watch Steins; Gate on Hulu

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Though the name suggests that this series is all about the central character but, it’s actually about an entire family that was born with extraordinary psychic strength. The story takes you through different incidents that the family is experiencing and it is full of suspense & excitement.

Watch Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure on Hulu

That was our recommendation for the best anime on Hulu. Need other recommendations? Write them down in the comments section below. We’ll love to help you out.

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