Best Free Open Source PDF Editors for Windows and Mac 2021

Open Source PDF Editors can be found for both windows and mac. If you are looking for an open-source PDF editor. Then this article will be useful. You can find these for both windows and mac.


What is a PDF?

PDF is the Portable Document Format. This file format was developed by adobe. It is an independent application. The PDF includes text and images. Also, you can modify the PDF. It is sharable and can print easily. You can use this in windows and Mac. Also in smartPhones, you can share and read PDF files.Open Source PDF Editors

Open Source PDF Editors 2021

There are many PDF editors online. You can download and use it at any time. Among all the editors only some are free editors. Moreover, this list is created based on user ratings and reviews.

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Open source PDF Editor For Windows

Below is the list of editors:

1. Microsoft Word

Ms word is one of the best PDF editors. For Windows operating system this is most useful. You can edit PDFs easily here. It is not completely free. But, most of the features available in this editor are free. In whatever laptop or computer you buy this editor is pre-installed. Also, you can convert the documents to PDF and make use of them.Open Source PDF Editors

2. PDFescape

PDFescape editor is the big fish in all editing software. This is a free editing website. You can go to the website and start editing the document. It is very good at their services. For the Windows operating system, this website can be used. Also, it is a free editor to use and edit the documents.Open Source PDF Editors

3. PDFSam

PDFSam is one of the open-source pdf editors. The tools available in this editor is used for office purpose. The editing system in this is commercial. You can see all documents in the form of pages. Here you can edit, rotate, highlight, change the font, delete on pages.

You can make quick edits using the edit option. Moreover, there is a special feature where you can merge two pdfs.PDFsam

Open source PDF Editor For Mac

For mac, there are some free open-source PDF editors. They are

1. Formulate Pro app

Formulate Pro for mac is a free open source editor. It allows editing pdf files and documents. Also, it provides cloud services to store documents. The main feature of this app is – to merge and combine pdf files. You can create any or edit pdf just by signing in.Formulate Pro application

However, you can analyze pdf forms in this editor. the documents and files in this editor are protected. It supports OCR technology in multiple languages. one can add, delete and also modify the text. Moreover, you can improve images and even rearrange pages. The software used is good. It makes the users work easily. You can also create a presentation in it. Also, it converts PDFs to other output formats and vice versa. The only thing is it cannot convert PDF to EPUB format.

2. PDFpenPro

PDFpenPro has many features in it. It can be used for PDF editing. Also, you can export the content in PDF. Moreover, you can markup and edit text. You can digitally sign PDF files using a hand-written signature. Using this program you can handle PDFs easily.PDFpen pro

It corrects the typo errors in the PDF file. It can store PDFs in the cloud. However, you can make text in image-based PDF files editable by performing OCR. It is difficult to write using a mouse. The pen pad is not supported by PDFpenPro. Moreover, the people who use mac can easily use this for free.

3. Skim

Skim is the free note taker and PDF editor. This is made for macOS. The functionality is similar to the Preview(PDF editor). This program allows you to review the PDFs with comment features. Moreover, it will allow you to make snapshots for easy reference. Also, you can highlight important text and can navigate pages easily.Skim

It is one of the best free open-source editors. You can give powerful presentations using built-in transitions. Also, by using smart cropping tools you can crop any image to the required size.

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Above mentioned apps are for windows as well as Mac. Some get pre-installed with the system itself. some you can use on the website. Others you can install easily. using these you can easily edit the PDF. As these are open source whenever you want you can install and use them. Also, you can export the PDF using these applications. Moreover, you can change the font, crop the images, convert PDF from one form to another using tool.



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