Best Free Piano VST Plugins For Music Production

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Best Free Piano VST Plugins

Good Piano VST plugins can be really helpful when it comes to good electronic music production. Most of these plugins generally come with a price but, in this article, we have listed the best free Piano VST plugins that can actually be used in real music production. At least for beginners, these can turn out to be lifesavers. So, here are the ones we recommend the most,


Keyzone Classic

Supported Platforms: Windows & macOS

The Keyzone Cassic piano is one of our favorite choices on the list. It supports multiple presets including Yamaha & Steinway Grand Pianos, Basic Electric & Rhodes Pianos & a Piano of their own. It can also simulate multiple pianos at the same time.

Get Keyzone Cassic

4Front E-Piano

Supported Platforms: Windows & macOS

The 4Front E-Piano is definitely a great plugin. It’s a mix & match between case & coordinated systems. It is actually pretty reliable when it comes to music making & it also has good CPU utilization which means that it doesn’t use much of it.

Get 4Front E-Piano

Skerratt London Piano

Supported Platforms: Windows & macOS

Skerratt London Piano falls in the upright category. It’s a simple piano plugin with a nice tone to it. In case you want to work with multiple voices & you need background piano, this one is one of the good options for that.

Get Skerratt London Piano

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DSK The Grand

Supported Platforms: Windows & macOS

As the name suggests, DSK The Grand is a digital grand piano plugin. It supports four velocity layers & up to 6 samples at a time. It does include Reverb fx as well as ADSR envelope controls as well.

Get DSK The Grand

Piano One

Supported Platforms: Windows

Piano One is based on one of the super popular concert pianos, the Yamaha C7. It supports a hybrid modeling technology, has a built-in reverb engine & some other really cool features. However, this one doesn’t support macOS so, you need a Windows computer for this one.

Get Piano One

All of these Piano VST plugins are free so check out which one works best for you & in the case of any questions or other general queries, feel free to reach out in the comments section below!

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