Best Free Stock Video Sites For Your Video Projects

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Free Stock Video Sites

If you want royalty-free videos for your regular or commercial projects, then there are a few good websites available. You can use these Royalty Free Videos without any copyright claims. But, not all are completely free to use. Some may need proper author credits and some may even need modification. When you use these videos, do make sure to read their Terms & Conditions alongside their creative commons rights. Some of the sites who distribute these videos, charge a substantial amount of subscription fees monthly or yearly & these packages don’t come cheap. But, there are some other websites that distribute free stock videos on their platform and are licensed legally. So, we’ve decided to make a shortlist of the best free stock video sites to help you with your projects. Find the list below,


Best Free Stock Video Sites For Regular & Commercial Projects


Pixbay is undoubtedly one of the best websites to get free stock videos for your projects. All the videos on their platform are licensed under Creative Commons Zero (aka CC0) License. So, you can copy, modify & distribute the content for general & commercial purposes and you don’t need to give credits or ask for permission to do that. Currently, they have 7000+ video clips on their platform and that number is regularly increasing and download youtube video free. Alongside that, they also have a lot of images including photos, illustrations & vector graphics. So, if that sounds helpful, you should definitely check Pixabay out.

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Pexels is actually very similar to Pixabay. They have a huge library of Stock Videos that are licensed under the CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) license. So again, you can copy, modify & distribute the content for general & commercial purposes and you don’t need to ask for the creator’s permission or give credits to do any of that. They also have free images on their platform so, you use them in your projects too if you want. You can try mix & matching different videos to make your projects even more interesting. In case that sounds good, give Pexels a visit.


Videvo is also a great website to get free stock video footage but, it has one major difference when compared to the previous ones. Instead of being licensed under CC0, the videos on Videvo is actually licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 which means you need to give proper credit to the author if you’re using their video as an attribute. Alongside their free content library, Videvo also has a premium content library that you can use with a $14.99 subscription. However, Videvo also has other stuff too. This includes motion graphics, music & audio effects. So, if you can make use of all these, you can check out Videvo.

So, those were our picks for the best free stock video sites for your regular and commercial projects. Did you find this article helpful? Let us know in the comments section below & also feel free to share this article with anyone who needs great footage for their own video projects.

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