Best iZotope Plugins To Up Your Music Production Game

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Best iZotope Plugins

iZotope makes one of the most useful set of tools when it comes to music production. Their wide range of plugins offer a vast range of functionality & they can be used right from the beginning of your project to the end of the post-production. So, which of these plugins are the best? Let’s find out in today’s article where we have listed the best iZotope plugins that can help you to up your music production game.


Best iZotope Plugins

RX 7

OS Requirements: Windows 7, 8, & 10 and macOS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion (Pro Tools 10 only), 10.9.5 Mavericks -10.14 Mojave

Plug-in Formats: AAX (64-bit), AU, RTAS (32-bit), VST, VST3

RX 7 is a full-fledged music production plugin with a lot of features for Repair, Editing, Measurement & Utility. It comes in three variants. RX 7 Elements, RX 7 Standard & RX 7 Advanced.  Going with the advanced version gives you all the features available. However, going with the Standard & Elements versions take away some of those features. The RX 7 advanced costs you $1199 & the Standard & Elements cost $399 & $129 respectively.

Ozone 8

OS Requirements: Windows 7, 8, & 10 and macOS X 10.8.5 (Pro Tools 10 only), macOS X 10.9 – macOS X Sierra (10.13)

Plug-in Formats: VST2, VST3, AudioUnit (AU) (Mac Only), AAX (Real-time & AudioSuite; 64-bit only), RTAS (Real-time & Audiosuite (DPM. 32-bit only)

Ozone 8 is one of the most advanced audio mastering plugins out there. It has two variants instead of three including the Ozone 8 Standard & the Ozone 8 Advanced edition. There are a large number of features built into the Ozone 8 including Track Referencing, Spectral Shaper, Tonal Balance Control, EQ, Dynamic EQ, Post EQ, Maximizer (with IRC IV and new IRC LL), Imager, Exciter, Dynamics, Vintage Limiter, Vintage Tape, Vintage EQ, Vintage Compressor, etc. The Advanced version costs $249 and the Pro version costs $499.

Neutron 3

OS Requirements: Windows 7, 8, & 10 and macOS X 10.11.6 El Capitan—macOS 10.14 Mojave

Plug-in Formats: AAX (64-bit), AU, VST2, VST3

Newtron 3 specializes in Mixing. It has a wide range of features in Sculptor, Mix Assistant, Equalizer, Compressor, Gate, Exciter, Transient Shaper, Audio Post workflow & more. It also has three versions including Elements, Standard & Advanced. The advanced version costs $399 & it also comes with their Visual Mixer plugin included in the package. The Standard & Elements versions cost $249 & $129 respectively.

So, those were the best iZotope plugins that help you to up your music production game. Do, you have any specific questions on the same? Let us know in the comments section below & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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