Best Laptop Backpacks That You Can Buy Under 1000 Rupees

Best Laptop Backpacks Under 1000

Choosing the right laptop bag for yourself can be pretty troublesome. The fear that you may end up with the wrong product & then you’ll need to live with it for at least a year, is frustrating. Especially when your budget is low, this becomes really difficult. So, we have shortlisted the best laptop backpacks available under 1000 rupees to help you out.

Lenovo GX40Q17227

If you’re into simple & subtle looking backpacks, the Lenovo GX40Q17227 might be the one for you. It has a nice muted look going on. It doesn’t have a lot of space inside but, it enough to carry a 15.6-inch laptop, its charger & a couple of books or diaries. It also has a water-repellent coating that can protect against accidental splashes & stuff like that. The Lenovo GX40Q17227 is currently selling for 789 rupees.

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Starboy Premium Design Polyester Laptop Bag

Now, if you slightly more space but, still want the look to be kinda muted & subtle, you can have a look at the Starboy Premium Design Polyester Laptop Bag. This one also has space for a 15.6-inch laptop but, the internal space is little more than the Lenovo so, you can fit a couple more things inside it. It also has a USB port so, you can have a power bank inside your bag & charge your phone while using it or inside your pocket. The water-resistant coating is there as well so, a slight water spill shouldn’t be an issue. The Starboy Premium Design Polyester Laptop Bag is currently selling for 850 rupees.

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Fur Jaden 15 Ltrs Grey Anti Theft Waterproof Backpack

If you need a lot of space by the way & you don’t care about the muted look that much, the Fur Jaden 15 Ltrs backpack might be for you. you can pop open the front of this thing & fit your laptop there. The rest of the inside has multiple pockets & spots to fit all your stuff. This one also has that USB port for charging on the go. The water-resistant coating is also there and the bag has pockets on the outside as well. It generally sells for 1099 but, you can get it for less than 100o rupees during sales.

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