Best Music Making Software (DAW) For Beginners And Professionals

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Best Music Making Software

If you’re just getting into digital music-making or you’re already a pro, looking to up your game, you’ll need the best music-making software aka Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). But, which DAW is the best one for you? You’ll find out soon enough as we have listed the absolute best options for you. All right let’s move further into the article.


Best Music Making Software / Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

Apple Logic Pro X

Supported Ecosystem: macOS

The Apple Logic Pro X is by far the best option in the list. It is mainly for professionals so, if you’re just starting off, skip this one as of now. However, if you’re a Pro & thinking about buying a MAC system or getting a better DAW, this one is for you. The interface is super-advanced with really useful features built-in. There is a wide range of loops & instruments, instrument layering, a score editor which can create your custom made MIDI with up to 16 independent voices per part, stacking with unlimited tracks, a smart tempo feature to automatically match track timings, plugins for advanced reverb, vintage EQs, creative effect, etc. and a lot more.

The advanced controls, the wide range of options and bonus features make the Logic Pro X the top position holder in our recommendation list. So, if you have a Mac system then definitely go for it. If you don’t have a Mac System or looking for something else, that’s where the next options come in.

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Ableton Live

Supported Ecosystem: Windows & macOS

The second best DAW has to be the Ableton Live. This one also supports Windows systems so, if you don’t have a Mac, this is your best option. This one is also geared towards professionals as you can tell. If you want to start off with this one, you can but, it still might be too much for you in that case. You can get the Live in 3 different versions including Intro, Standard & Suite. If you’re starting off, go with either the Intro or the Standard edition. If you’re a Pro, you have to get the Suite. We’re mentioning the major features which are mainly available in the Suite version for better understanding.

First, let’s talk about the interface which is similar in all versions. It is quite user-friendly, the controls are easily accessible & you can freely mix and match music without any timeline holdbacks. Talking about the features, there is Capture MIDI which is a custom MIDI creator from your music just like the score editor in Logic X Pro. There are also group tracks, loops, generation or receiving of Pitch, Control & Clock, customizing or building user devices, audio slicing, audio to MIDI, VST3, VST3 & AU plugin support & much more.


FL Studio

Supported Ecosystem: Windows

FL Studio is what we would recommend to the beginners & semi-professionals. It isn’t as advanced as the Logic Pro X or the Ableton Live but, it’s still a lot. Even many professionals use it to create digital music. It’s actually quite popular in the EDM industry. This one has two main editions & two other bundles. There is Fruity Edition & Producer edition and the bundles include, Signature & All Plugins.

FL Studio comes with all the useful features that you’d expect from a piece of professional music-making software or DAW including all the important timeline features, loops, multi-instruments, VST plugin support & much more. If you’re just starting off, you’re better off with FL studio.


Apple Garageband

Supported Ecosystem: macOS

Garageband is a free music-making software from Apple. It’s definitely not as advanced as the Logic Pro X but, it still has the important stuff. If you have a Mac, you can start off with the Apple Garageband. Once you understand the basics, you can look for a better option.

So, those were our recommendations for the best music making software / Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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