Best Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

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The Best Screen Protector for Note 10 Plus is needed for the protection of your mobile screen. We feel bad when we see a scratch on the mobile’s screen. So, to avoid that problem here comes the best screen protector for your mobile phone. The Screen protector is at an affordable price whereas you can easily install it at any place.


What is a Screen Protector?

As the name itself indicates it protects the screen from getting damaged. Actually, Screen Protector is an additional sheet of material that can be attached above the mobile screen. It is usually of Laminated glass or Polyurethane. It is made of plastic and costs less than glass. The dimensions of the screen protector are about 0.1mm in thickness, compared to 0.3 or 0.5 mm glass thickness. There are different types of screen protectors available in the market.

Screen Protector


Best Screen Protector for Note 10 Plus

As there are different types of screen protectors available in the market. Out of all Whitestone dome glass is the best fit for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus mobile phone.

Whitestone Dome Glass

Following are the features of the glass


  • Liquid Dispersion Technology

The Liquid Glass evenly disperses over your entire screen. It also includes existing scratches and hardens to create an impenetrable edge-to-edge barrier while repairing former cracks and imperfections.

Best Screen Protector for note 10 Plus

  • Best Coverage

This Dome Glass protector ranks first in protecting your entire phone screen. Other competitors don’t cover the rounded edges, which increases your risk of permanent damage by 15%.

  • Bubble-free Installation Kit

To prevent errors and air bubbles, our install frame and UV curing light are included with the purchase. The Quality is reflected through commitment. So make sure you have enough time and patience to get an undeniably perfect result.

Installation Kit

  • Designed and Tested in California

WhiteStone Dome is designed US, Europe, and other foreign countries which have patented it. The Screen Protector is clearly tested and then released into the market.

How To Apply Screen Protector for Note 10 Plus?

The Installation Kit has four things equipped in it namely

  1. Dry Wipe
  2. Wet Wipe
  3. Cloth and
  4. Screen Protector

By Using the above Kit we can apply the screen protector. Five easy steps to follow. They are

1. Prepare:

  • Firstly, clean your hands properly and let them dry.
  • Choose a clean and perfect place. To avoid dust particles or any switch-off the fan.
  • If any other screen protector is there then, remove it.

2. Clean:

  • Clean the mobile screen without any dust on it.
  • For this first clean the screen with Wet wipe and then use Dry wipe.
  • This is to ensure that no bubble comes while applying the screen protector.

Steps to apply Screen Protector


3. Align:

  • Now, take the Protector out by holding it on the edges. Make sure that you are not touching the sticky side.
  • Place the Protector gently with any starting as the reference point. You can start applying from the camera lens side of your mobile.
  • Also, the Home button is used as a reference.

4. Drop:

  • By Weight of the protector gently drop your protector on the screen of the mobile.

5. Press:

  • Press the Screen Protector with a clean cloth to avoid remaining Bubbles on the screen of your mobile.

If Anything goes wrong:

  • Remove the protector quickly from the corner and repeat the same above instructions.
  • Take Precautions like holding the protector only at either end and not at the sticky side of it.

If Bubbles are there:

  • Take away the protector from the screen and clean it again with the wipes.
  • Then place gently the Protector on the screen.

About Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

The Samsung galaxy pack contains Mobile Phone, S pen, Data cable, travel Adapter, Pen nibs, Tweezer, ejection Pin, earphones with Bluetooth, and a Clear cover.

Features of Note 10 Plus:

  1. It has an impressively slim design.
  2. With the front-facing camera lens, the display is cinematic.
  3. This device has a powerful 7nm processor and 12GB RAM. Also, it combines to harness incredible speeds.
  4. With 2.0Gbps LTE, we can easily download any file or play any live game and also can stream videos.
  5. The memory to new levels with 512GB storage. Which you can expand by up to an additional 1TB. This is almost a laptop’s storage memory.
  6. It has a battery of about 4300mAh (typical) outlasts your day.

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