180+ Best Trending TikTok Hashtags of 2021

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Trending TikTok Hashtags are available online. However, to make your work easy here we provide hashtags that are trending. TikTok is a famous social networking platform. There will be millions of downloads.


What is a Hashtag?

A Hashtag is simply a label used on Social media. It is the word or phrase which is preceded by a pound symbol. Moreover, it is a piece of content that relates to a specific topic or that category. Moreover, hashtags always start with “#” this symbol.hashtag

There should not be any spaces between the word. Also, the account which uses hashtags must be public. If it is private then the non-followers cannot see the content. They should be short and easy to remember.

(180+) Trending TikTok Hashtags

Different categories have different hashtags. Depending on the categories the trending ones are there. Below are the hashtags which are under trending:tiktok hashtag

Top Fitness TikTok Hashtags

The tags can be used when you are doing exercise. Also, while you are doing gym and workouts for fitness you can use these hashtags. By using these you can make your video famous. For every hashtag listed below use “#” at starting.

  • muscle.
  • fitnesstips.
  • workout.
  • personaltrainer.
  • weightloss.
  • gymlife.
  • fitfam.
  • lifestyle.
  • healthy.
  • ttfitness.
  • fitnessmodel
  • training.
  • fitness
  • gym.
  • fit.

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Tiktok Hashtags For Education

If you are sharing knowledge using TikTok videos. You can use these hashtags to make your video trendy. Moreover, you can share easy tips and tricks with students using the video. While you are posting a video make sure you add perfect hashtags. Also, you can share business-related tips. Before every hashtag use “#” this symbol. Below is the list of hashtags to be used in the video.

  • education.
  • learn.
  • mindpower.
  • learning.
  • educationalbusiness.
  • Modern_Education.
  • testbook.
  • edutok.
  • knowledge.

Trending Hashtags For Friendship

To post about friendship-related hashtags should be added. Moreover, about your friends and your team members, you can post videos. Using the trending and top hashtags makes your video more popular. People make their videos based on friendship goals. The importance of friendship can also be shared using the titok. Below is the list of hashtags. Make sure that you add “#” before every tag.

  • truefriendship.
  • friendship_song.
  • internetfriendship.
  • loveisfriendship.
  • friendshipgoals.
  • dost.
  • friendshiplove.
  • thisfriendshipisover.
  • friendshiptest
  • fakefriendship
  • friendshipbroken
  • friendshipday

Hashtags For Crafts and Artistic Videos

If you are making crafts. you can post the video to people. By adding filters and effects like speed motion and then add relevant tags and then post the video. Moreover adding tags makes your video to be stylish and look trendy. Your videos get stored on that hashtag part you are using. Following is the list of hashtags related to the crafts and artistic video category.

  • crafting.
  • diycraft.
  • crafts.
  • easycraft.
  • crafttime.
  • 5mincraft.
  • craftwork.
  • artandcraft.
  • craftchallenge.

Hashtags related to cooking

Cooking is a passion for so many people. Many people make youtube videos based on how to cook different items. Moreover, people also make short videos on TikTok about cooking. By applying tags related to cooking you can make your video more popular. Below is the list of hashtags to be mentioned. Make sure that you add “#” before every word listed.

  • myrecipe.
  • recipes.
  • momsrecipe.
  • cakerecipe.
  • myrecipe.
  • videorecipe.
  • veganrecipe.
  • homemaderecipe.
  • tiktokrecipe.
  • indianrecipe.

Music Hashtags

You can post videos on music. Your favorite old songs. List of songs to listen to while traveling. Best romantic songs list. By using hashtags you can make your video trending. Below is the list of hashtags to be used while you are posting music-related videos. Make sure you add # for every word.

  • hiphop.
  • love.
  • rap.
  • dj.
  • artist.
  • rock.
  • dance.
  • musica
  • musician.
  • party.
  • singer.
  • livemusic.
  • guitar.
  • instagood.
  • like.


Hashtags that are trending on TikTok should be added to the video. To make a video famous you can add or create a hashtag that is used by most people. Many people are becoming famous for using TikTok. You should use more latest hashtags to make your video popular. Not only these hashtags you can create meaningful hashtags and make them viral. Also, you can make challenges using the TikTok video.

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