Best Web-Applications for Writing Argumentative Pieces

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Best Web Applications for Writing Argumentative Pieces: Learning how to write an argumentative text well is a very complex skill. And unfortunately,  many shy away from this rewarding challenge. Lucky for us, the digital age has provided a large variety of tools to help making learning to write easier than ever before. Well crafted web-applications can catch common mistakes that point out sentences that may seem fuzzy or that do not make sense.

The best part is that the consistent usage of these applications helps to improve writing quality overall. They train the mind to identify possible mistakes before they even happen and expose phraseology that can aid in crafting one’s ideas.

This article will focus on how certain web-applications and AI programs can help to improve your argumentative writing skills. This is a particularly useful skillset, as argumentative pieces need to be well constructed to effectively present one’s ideas and stances, as well as to provide the reader with a definite appeal.

Best Web-Applications for Writing Argumentative Pieces
Best Web Applications for Writing Argumentative Pieces


What is an Argumentative Essay

As the name implies, the objective of the argumentative essay is to argue a point. This requires the writer to use the power of their words to present a position on a certain topic. Argumentative essays should be supported by generated or collected evidence that reinforces that writers viewpoint.

Such essay’s come in both long and short forms, depending on the context and the difficulty of the subject. A good essay should always present the topic and the writer’s viewpoint, followed by paragraphs that support the more passive stance. The use of language is essential when writing an argumentative essay. Incoherent or confusing text can leave readers frazzled and may unintentionally give readers the wrong message.

Web-Applications Can Help

Given the importance of clarity and fluidity—writing an argumentative essay might seem like a daunting task without any aid. Many web-applications supported by AI provide various services and applications that work with your argumentative pieces at the automated level. This leaves you more energy to focus on your writing and your ideas.

Best Web-Applications for Writing Argumentative Pieces


ProWritingAid comes as an all-in-one editor to help you get the most from an online writing aid. This software allows users to identify shortcomings in style and editing that a traditional word processor like Microsoft Word would catch.

It can more accurately pick up on the nuances of your writing, identifying mistakes in word choice, transitions, and the usage of voice. The free online editing tool allows you to upload your text and access a large pool of in-depth writing reports to make learning more efficient and clear.

Best Web-Applications for Writing Argumentative Pieces


EssayPro is an academic writing website that helps students and adults alike write essays on almost any topic. Their service helps with traditional academic texts like essays, school papers, and dissertations, as well as texts for university admissions and even business planning.

The main benefit to a service like EssayPro is that it pairs users with real-world professional writers that can help quickly identify common pitfalls and advise on ways to help make a text as good as it can be.

FocusWriter and IA Writer

Here are two high applications that help to assist writers with one of the most often cited challenges—the urge to edit before you finish. Many a great writing teacher have said that the way to good writing is through good editing. Still, overediting before one even has their ideas down can be distracting.
FocusWriter and IA Writer both offer users a distraction-free environment. With FocusWriter, the user is provided a clean easy-to-use and distraction free interface that allows them to focus on getting through the first draft. Similarly, IA writer will enable users only to see one line of text at a time, encouraging them to move forward before getting weighed down by editing.


What Evernote offers is a user-friendly online filing cabinet that makes organize notes, texts, and ideas easy while working on short or long form pieces.

That software allows you to create to-do lists, make reminders, sketch notes, and file businesses expenditures all in a quick and hassle-free manner. When writing an argumentative essay, having a place to file and organize your data or support is an important feature.


This tried, and true service is a great way to quickly check spelling and grammar mistakes that slip by on other word processing platforms. Users who choose to invest in the premium version will enjoy a wide variety of services that help to elevate your writing skills to new levels.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this overview of AI-powered web-applications for writing will help to get you off on your next writing task. Using all of them to improve your writing is a great way to learn the inner-complexities of making a great argumentative essay.

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