Top 5 Best Websites Like 123Movies of 2021

Best Websites like 123Movies can be found. However, everyone loves to get entertained by movies. Actually, Movies are one of the art forms that get united. These websites provide access to Tv series and movies.


About 123Movies

It is a free movie website. This website allows users to watch movies for free. It is one of the best websites. 123Movies was started in Vietnam. It is also called as world’s “most illegal site”. The original name and URL of this website is This website has almost 98 million visitors per month.Best Websites like 123Movies

Later it got shut down. The reason behind shut down is as filmmakers spend more money on making the film. Also, the distributors spend their money on it. So, if this website is providing free movies then they will get affected. So, government officials have sent notices to shut down this website.

Best Websites like 123Movies for Streaming MoviesĀ 

Actually, the 123Movies website itself is best. Still, there are some more websites similar to 123Movies. Below are the listed websites:

1. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is one of the best websites like 123Movies. Moreover, it is ad-free and pop-up-free. Also, it has a large collection of Hollywood movies and Tv series. One of the main advantages of this is it gives movie updates regularly.Best Websites like 123Movies

However, on this website, you can find details of every movie. Even it includes IMDB rating, video quality, time duration, and genre. Also, you can download movies and watch them offline. This website keeps the database every time fresh with interesting entertainment.

2. Vumoo

For movie lovers, this website is also one of the best websites to watch. For the people who have in mind what to watch this will be more helpful. Like MoviesJoy this website also doesn’t require registration. It is one of the free movie streaming sites. You can also search for any movie you want to watch.Best Websites like 123Movies

By clicking on the movie thumbnail you can see details of that movie. You can see IMDB rating, released year, and country. The quality of the video is high. It has fewer ads and pop-ups. It does not show in which quality like HD, Cam is the video displaying. New releases of the movies are updated regularly. You will find vumoo enjoyable when you visit the website ones.

3. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is familiar to many people. It provides Tv series, movies in different languages. As of before, it gave 30 days free trial period to watch. Now there are words that they ended it. By paying some amount of money you can get access to watch movies online or you can download and watch them.Prime video

By having a subscription to amazon you can do the shopping for free. Moreover, you will have a lot of benefits from having a subscription. you will get free and fast delivery of items. Also, you can cancel your subscription when it is not needed. The user interface is well designed. You can stream movies of high quality easily. Also, you can search for any movie you want.

4. WatchFree

On watch free website you can stream high-quality movies and Tv series. Also, you do not go for registration to use this website. You can find a different section in it. The section includes love, horror, sci-fi, action, fantasy, comedy, crime, and more. Also, you can see IMDB rating, cast, summary about the movie, and so on.Watch free website

It suggests a top-rated movie to watch. If you are tv series enthusiastic then this website will be more useful. Just try this site and see. You will feel more comfortable and enjoy watching movies or tv series. It provides HD-quality video to the users. Also, it makes the user fully satisfied. By clicking on a thumbnail you will find the details of the movie.

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5. Crackle Website

Crackle is one of the best websites like 123Movies. It is similar to Netflix, amazon prime, and Hulu. the user interface is amazing. Also, it has smooth streaming and seamless navigation features. Here you can stream original movie content and free movie content. The free movie section is regularly updated. Also, the new releases are regularly updated.Crackle website

Whenever you visit this website it always shows you new and free content. You should register yourself to use this website. Moreover, millions of people use this website. The video quality is high and it gives the user comfortable. It is a great place for movie lovers who do not want to spend more money on subscriptions. You can also watch the best VFX Movies on this website.


Best websites like 123Movies are given. However, complete details about five of the websites are explained. Still, there are some of the best websites like 123Movies. Among all of them, these are top-rated ones. Also, people use these websites mostly after 123Movies.


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