10 Best Word Counter Tools for Free 2021 (Character Count)

Content creators always have that inquisitiveness regarding the minimum or maximum threshold of words. It’s always a feel-good factor to know whether we have reached the minimum word requirement we were supposed to write or not. Thankfully we don’t have to count them manually, with the developments in technology we now have tools that will tell you the exact Word Counter Tools. 

Now, most writing platforms like Google Docs, and MS Word are equipped with inbuilt word counting software that will tell you the words in your blog. But what about the platforms that don’t have an inbuilt word counting software of their own, obviously you won’t be willing to count the words manually because that will consume too much of your valuable time. 

Thankfully we have the Best Word Counter Tools for Free 2021 that come to your rescue. 

These tools are freely available, and most of them don’t even ask for a sign-up or personal details. You can directly use them. 


Benefits These tools offer other than Word Counting:

These tools aren’t just limited to counting words, they have a range of functions that might be of great use to you. 

  • Keyword Density Checker
  • Paragrapher & Sentence Tracker
  • Reading Time, and Speaking Time
  • SEO Score
  • flesh score
  • Readability Score

Free Word Counter Tools for 2021

#1 Countwordsfree.com: Best Word Counting Software

Free Word Counter Tools for 2021

This tool is massively popular in the blogging community and trusted by many reputed content-creating agencies as well. 

This tool enables you to upload the text file in a variety of options ranging from text, epub, HTML, word, pdf, excel, CSS, etc. Moreover, you can simply copy-paste the text you wish to run word counting on. 

In addition to the word counter, this tool is capable of counting the number of numerical and punctuations used in the text as well. 

Once you have finished the counting this tool allows you to export a copy of the text. 

#2 Wordcounter.io: Free word counting tool

This tool has one of the easiest interfaces. Everything you need is mentioned right on the dashboard. 

On the top bar the number of words in the text, along with the number of characters and paragraphs is mentioned. Unlike most other tools this one also gives the details of the number of pages. 

There’s a unique feature available called the grammar checker, that allows you to rectify the grammatical mistakes in your text you might have committed while typing that too for free. You are given the choice to select between American or British English while using the grammar checker. 

#3 WordCounterTool: Best word counting tool in 2021

This tool comes free and offers you dual benefits of word counting and character counting as well. 

But the feature that makes it a must-have tool is the ‘typing speed’ feature that lets you know your per minute typing speed. 

This tool is of great use for webmasters who look to add to the SEO of their websites. 

#4 Translators Base: Free word counting tool

Though there’s nothing out of the box about this tool, it has all the features you would ask from a word counting tool. 

It is capable of counting the number of paragraphs, lines, and characters at the same time. It allows you all the freedom in the world to customize your results, you can exclude the piece of content you don’t want to include in the word count search just with a tap. It provides real-time updates on your word count progress to keep you informed at all times.

#5 Scribendi: Free Word counting tool 2021

Free Word Counter Tools for 2021

Again there’s nothing flashy about this tool, it just serves the very purpose of word counting with utmost precision. The editorial staff behind this tool is always available in case you need them. They also offer services like resume editing, business proofreading, and academic proofreading. And you have a safe reason to believe in their genuineness. All you need to do is to copy-paste your content on the tool and sit back! 

#6 Doc Word Counter:

Free Word Counter Tools for 2021

This tool is one of the most reputed tools in the business and it has been providing its services for quite a long time now. This tool doesn’t even ask you to register or login on it with your email id, it’s free to use. Apart from word counting it also shows valuable insights into the number of characters, paragraphs, and lines. This comes in handy when you are checking the words of a long file like a thesis. 

#7 Lettercount.com: Latest Word counting tool

Free Word Counter Tools for 2021

The name pretty much sums up the functionality of the tool. This Best Word Counter Tools for Free 2021 lets you count the number of words in your essay or college project for free. No signups are required, just copy-paste your content and within seconds you have the information on the number of words prompted on your screen. 

#8 Counting character: Free Character Tool

Free Word Counter Tools for 2021

This tool gives you information not only on the exact word count in your text but also tells you about the number of characters, number of lines, paragraphs, and numbers of characters without spaces too. So if you have any doubts about your inbuilt word counting software or you want to have a second opinion, Counting character is the tool you should use. 

#9 Charcounter:

Free Word Counter Tools for 2021

This tool has shown absolute precision when it comes to character counting. Moreover, it can give an in-depth analysis of the number of words, lines, and paragraphs written within a blink of an eye. All this comes free of cost. This tool provides real-time updates on the ongoing process to keep you informed. 

#10 Accurate Word Counter: Best word counting tool in 2021

Free Word Counter Tools for 2021

This too pretty much does justice to its name and gives accurate information on the number of words. Moreover, it also tells you about your typing speed if you are directly using this tool to type, this is something most other tools don’t provide. It’s worth mentioning, given the prowess of this tool that it also gives you accurate information on the number of lines, characters, and paragraphs too. 

Final Words

Next time when you want to ensure that your tweet isn’t exceeding the maximum threshold of words, use these Best word counter tools for free 2021. We have curated this list keeping in mind users’ experience and the exciting features offered by the tools.


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