Boruto Chapter 42 Release Date, Spoiler, Discussion

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Boruto Chapter 41 ended with Boro moving forward to the sealing bowl & following him Kawaki moves forward to stop Boro. On the other hand, Sarada along with the entire team had a plan to stop Boro. Now, it looks like things are not executed as planned. It is really important for Kawaki to stop, or things might get though for them. Therefore, we are here to discuss about Boruto Chapter 42. Also, we will know about its release date.

Boruto Chapter 42 Spoiler & Discussion

One thing is sure that this is not the end. In fact, this is the beginning in which you will witness Kawaki and Boruto’s Karma power. Also, we have mentioned in the past that Kawaki is the only one who could unseal the dome. During our discussion, internally, we got to know that Kakashi would owns Obito’s Sharingan is the only user to go in different dimensions.

If not Kakashi, then we are sure that we might see someone from the Leaf village for sure. This will happen when the team 7 and Kawaki will fall down. Until then it will be unknown to the person. Also, we might see Kawaki and Boruto’s Karma power.

But before that who will be the one to stop Boro from getting near to the bowl? Also, who will be the new character introduce in this chapter? If Kawaki succeeds in taking Boro down, then how will he manage to use the anti-sealing juts? We will get to know everything when the chapter releases.

Boruto Chapter 42 Release Date

Boruto Manga Chapters get release once a month. Similar to his last chapters, Boruto 42 chapter will also release on its regular time. Also, it is confirmed that Boruto Chapter 42 will release on 20 Jan 2020.

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