Call Of Duty Mobile – Things That You Need To Know

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Call Of Duty Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile is powered by Activision, it has given much nice big data drop about its upcoming mobile game. This COD (Call Of Duty) mobile is a multiplayer game. In the past few years, the Battle Royale style for shooting games has massively exploded in popularity. After the success of Fortnite and PUBG, both these have naturally made their way onto smartphones (Android And iOS) in the form of Fortnite Mobile and PUBG Mobile. Activision is exploding in the form of COD Mobile in the Android and iOS Screen. Hence, in this article, you will know all the details about the Call OF Duty Mobile game.


What Is Call Of Duty Mobile 

Call Of Duty Mobile is a new free-to-play game that brings together the maps, weapons, and characters from across the Call of Duty® series in the definitive first-person action experience on mobile.

Note: Call Of Duty Mobile Games is launched on 1st October and available on play store and Appstore.

Latest Update For Call Of Duty Mobile

1st October

Call of Duty Mobile will officially launch on October 1st. After being available in beta for certain regions this Summer, People who have been using VPNs and other modes to play the game will no longer need to do that. It’s launching on both Android and iOS. It has lots of modes and characters that you can play.

What’s New?

Multiplayer Mode

In multiplayer you can play a total of 5 players in a random area where the team has to achieve a total of 50 Kills. Whereas, it is like deathmatch where if you kill or dies you will respawn every time in your base. The graphics of the multiplayer is one of the best things that you should see. After, reaching the 7 levels you will be able to unlock the Battle royal mode.

Additional Features

  • Customization in Loadout
  • After killing the enemy you can get their guns
  • Different arena’s

Battle Royale Mode (BR)

The Battle Royal Mode includes a variety of new territory that you can explore. In the battle royal mode, you will be sent in a battleground where there will be 100 players along with you. Whereas, one has to eliminate all the 100 and survive till the end. Additionally, you can choose from different roles out in the battle. each one with a unique power and a perk.

Custom Loadouts

Custom loadout is the one where you can explore the inventory and upgrade your weapons. Whereas it is being able to save up to five different combinations of weapons, perks, grenades, and even scorestreaks which is an important part of the overall COD experience. Furthermore, you can unlock new customization of inventory and extensions for your weapons.

Usually, you can unlock new customizations for your loadout by leveling up or purchasing it using the in-game currency. But, Activision may use this as a way to upgrade the free mobile version.


First of all, throughout the game, you can keep 2 different types of guns like primary and secondary. Also, you can swith between different guns throughout the game. As well as you will have the modification slots that you can use for the stability for the weapons. Hence, Call Of Duty has a lot of different kinds of collection for weapons. Also, there are lots of weapons skin available for the weapons.


This is the least thigs that you can choose from the loadout. Whereas, characters like John, MacTavish, and David Mason, were the main characters back in the Call Of Duty when story modes actually involved in multiplayer games. Hence, it is great to see these characters coming to experience again. The Characters in COD are way different than the PUBG game.

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