5 Reasons to Choose a Desktop Over a Laptop

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Choose a Desktop Over a Laptop
Choose a Desktop Over a Laptop

Working from home for at least part of the week has become the norm for many people, and this shift is making people reevaluate their work environment and the equipment they use. Employees have a lot more influence over the technology they get from their employers. Of course, a laptop has a big advantage over a desktop due to its portability and flexibility, and if you are someone who is on the move regularly, this could be a dealbreaker. However, if you tend to work from just one office, a desktop could offer real advantages. 

Whether you are considering a new laptop for professional or personal reasons, here are five reasons why you might want to choose a desktop over a laptop. 

  • Desktops have a more powerful processor

The computer processor speed (CPU speed) is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a new computer. Essentially, it is the ‘brain’ of the computer which determines how quickly the computer interacts with programs and applications. The more powerful the processor, the more efficiently the computer will run and the more tasks it can complete simultaneously. Most desktops have a more powerful processor than the best laptop, meaning you will be able to get more work done in less time. 

  • Desktops often offer better value for money 

In general, desktops provide users with a higher technology specification for a lower cost than an equivalent laptop computer. This means you will receive much better value for money, especially if you purchase refurbished iMac desktops or similar. 

  • Desktops have a bigger screen and keyboard 

There was a trend a few years ago for making devices as slim and compact as possible. While these devices are useful in the right scenario, they are not always the most practical for complex projects. In addition, modern desktops have incredibly high-resolution screens and large, more ergonomic keyboards, which are better suited to longer working hours and design projects. 

  • Desktops are less likely to be damaged

Laptops are designed to be carried from place to place, but that makes them more susceptible to get laptop issues, theft, or loss. A desktop is obviously static, so it is much easier to keep them in good condition for longer.

  • Desktops are easier (and cheaper) to repair

Of course, accidents can still happen around a desktop, and from time to time, they may develop technical faults. However, if you do damage the desktop or it starts to play up, getting it repaired is usually significantly cheaper and faster than repairing a laptop. 

Deciding whether to buy a laptop or a desktop computer should be a personal choice influenced by the type of work that you do, your working habits, your budget, and whether you prioritize performance over flexibility and portability.  Nowadays, you can easily buy the best desktop computer under 1000 bucks that comes with impressive hardware specs. If you are in any doubt, it is important to seek professional advice before committing to a purchase, as making the wrong decision could have a big impact on the quality and efficiency of your work. 

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