Collaborative Robots – Cobots; The Dawn of Robotic Assistants

Collaborative Robots – Cobots; The Dawn of Technological Advancement through Robotic Assistants

Prior to recent times, the use of robots raised a negative alarm to imminent dangers of a world rigged by an artificial replacement for humans, which in turn may lead to devastating unemployment crises; they would be caged from getting into the way of humans. But in the face of advanced technology, this has changed; firstly, the terminology changed, then the functionality followed. No way will robots been seen as a threat to human jobs, hence the emergence of Collaborative Robots (Cobots).


Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

Large Scale Collaborative RobotsCobots have now been created which can share workspace with humans. This development was made possible due to the inducted use of sensor and robot controller technology. With the sensor technology, robots can quickly detect and subsequently adapt to any intrusion in its workspace with humans. There is virtually no need for any physical barrier in the workplace; safety is easily gotten with the current technological placement.

Robots can only work as collaborative if they possess any of the following features.

  1. Cell-hand guiding device
  2. Speed and separation monitoring
  3. Safety-monitored stop
  4. Power and force limiting

All these features are present in the Cobots created by Universal Robots. Universal Robots is a set of unique engineers poised to create a positive revolution in the technology world. Their responsive and efficient cobots have been able to prove the fact that robots are not at wars with humans.

The robots which use the power and force limiting model can comply in any situation of impact. However, it will lack speed and accuracy and maybe payload capabilities. The most frequently employed is the speed, and separation monitoring and the safety rated monitoring strategies; this is done through the controller and sensor features.

Elimination of the Safety Cage

One of the very prominent reasons for using a collaborative robot is the elimination of the safety cage. This is irrespective of the purpose of automation of previously manually done tasks. Hence deploying cobots frees up the workspace and reduces the costs of implementing robotics. The use of non-collaborative robots would ensure that it is guided to keep the operators outside. The guiding can be expensive when interlocks and gates are included. However, in collaborative robots, an operator can work with the automation; helping to position materials or the workplace and also removing finished products.


Collaborative robots allow for flexibility of manufacturing practices. There are limits to robots handling unexpected conditions even with a vision system. For example, a palletizing application, if a bad or sack leaves the usual routine; it could ruin the whole process. But collaborative robots with vision system could alert humans for assistance in cases such as this. It will stop the entire system until you fix the issue and then continue.

These collaborative tools help save space and money and improve service delivery with flexible production processes. However, it is essential to carry out a risk assessment before installing.

Several companies have ventured into collaborative robots. However, Universal Robots possesses the skills and efficiency to projects your institute into world ranking.

For easy programming and fast set-up, the services of Universal robots will come in handy; their technology is not just a run-of-the-mill, they patent their technology and give their clients the benefit of enjoying their money uniquely.

After installing, we give a detailed process on how to use the robots with 3D visualization and a friendly user interface. With Universal Robots, the average set up time is barely half a day and the experience by an untrained operator to unpack, mount and program the Cobot is less than an hour. Get beautiful experiences using the services of the number one in collaborative Robots. Cobots installed by Universal Robots have flexible deployment and are collaborative and safe.


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