Complete Guide : Gaming Modem And Their Releases.

Gaming Modem is the device that is used for playing games. Online games require the internet at high speed. So for that purpose gaming modems are used. There are many modems with certain specifications. Let us look after that.


What is a Modem?

“Mo” means “Modulator” and “Dem” means “Demodulator”. The Broadband modem is the other name of Modem. These devices are mainly of three different types namely¬† Cable, Digital subscriber line(DSL), and dial-up modem. Still, there are various types of modems namely optical Modem, Null modem, Mobile Broadband, and Short-haul modem.



Each Modem differs from the other one. Every modem has its own specifications and speed. Also, these devices are frequently classified by the maximum amount of data they can send in a given unit of time.

Optical Modem

The modem that connects to a fiber-optic network is known as an optical network terminal (ONT) or optical network unit (ONU). These are commonly used in fiber-to-home installations. However, it is installed inside or outside a house to convert the optical medium to a copper Ethernet interface. After which the router or gateway is often installed to perform authentication, routing, and also other typical consumer internet functions. In addition to “triple play” features such as telephony and also television service.

optical modem
optical modem


Fiber-optic systems will use quadrature amplitude modulation to maximize the output. Also, the 16QAM uses a 16-point constellation to send four bits per symbol, with speeds on the order of 200 or 400 gigabytes per second.

Null Modem

The Null modem cable could be a specially wired cable. It’s even connected between the serial ports of 2 devices, with the transmit and receive lines reversed. However, It is used to connect two devices directly without a modem. Also, the same software or hardware typically used with modems could be used with this type of connection.

Null modem
Null modem


A null modem adapter is a small device with plugs on both ends. Plugs are even placed on the end of a normal “straight-through” serial cable. Which will convert it into a null-modem cable.

Mobile Broadband 

Modems that use a mobile telephone system namely GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, EVDO, WiMax, etc. These are known as mobile broadband modems. Wireless Modem is the other name for this. Moreover, the Wireless modems can be embedded inside a laptop, mobile phone, or another device, or be connected externally. External wireless modems include connecting cards, USB modems, and cellular routers.

mobile broadband
mobile broadband modem


Most of the GSM wireless modems come with an integrated SIM cardholder. Some models are also provided with a micro SD memory slot and jack for an additional external antenna.

Short-haul Modem

The Short-haul modem is a modem that bridges the gap between leased-line and dial-up modems. The leased line modem can also transmit over “bare” lines with no power or telco switching equipment. But these are even not intended for the same distances that leased lines can achieve. Ranges up to several miles are also possible. It is used for medium distances. Which are greater than the maximum length of a basic serial cable. But still relatively short, such as within a single building or campus.


short haul modem
short-haul modem

Gaming Modem:

Powerful modern gaming routers feature faster. These are more powerful CPUs and also more RAM. Increased power and memory in your gaming router means it can also-

  • Handle more connections and attempt to decrease latency.
  • Creates and uses more advanced QoS(Quality of service) features.

Types of gaming Modem:

1. Arris Surfboard Cable Modem

  • The maximum speed is 1.4 Gb per second.
  • The price of this device is around 4500 INR.
  • Arris Surfboard Cable Modem number of channels is 32 downstream and 8 upstream.
  • Moreover has a Warranty of two years.
  • It is available on online shopping sites like amazon.
  • This modem is quite good for stability and also performance.
  • The surfboard cable modem uses the DOCSIS 3.0 version.
Arris Surfboard Cable
Arris Surfboard Cable Modem


2. Motorola Cable Modem

  • The Maximum speed is 6.0 Gb per second.
  • Motorola cable modem number of channels is 32 downstream and 8 upstream channels even.
  • The warranty of the modem is two years.
  • Motorola cable modem price is about 13000 INR.
  • It is a high-performance modem for gaming, you will also get the DOCSIS 3.1 version with it.
  • The user can expect excellent network stability.
  • The modem is highly reliable.
Motorola Cable Modem
Motorola Cable Modem


3. Netgear Cable modem

  • The maximum speed is one Gigabyte per second.
  • Netgear cable modem number of channels is 16 downstream and also 4 upstream channels.
  • However, the warranty of the modem is one year.
  • Netgear cable modem price is around 16500 rupees.
  • However, the price varies according to the speed.
  • Also, it offers great performance without charging a premium for it.
  • Moreover, it uses the DOCSIS 3.1 version.
Netgear Cable modem
Netgear Cable modem


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