Complete Guide Of Membrane keyboard

Membrane Keyboard is also a type of keyboard. But the “keys” on this board are not separated. This keyboard is different from other ordinary keyboards. For all other Keyboards, the keys are separated. The user who is using will get a feel of typing. But, these are lite touch-types of the keyboard.


What is a Membrane keyboard?

The Keyboard in which keys are not separated is Membrane Keyboard. This type of board works with electrical contact between underlying circuits and keyboard surfaces. As these keys are not separated they do not move. The keys are printed on a flat type surface. These keyboards are less expensive. Also, they are resistant to dirt and liquids from other types of keyboards.Membrane Keyboard

The membrane-based QWERTY type keyboards are used in some industries. Also, the Keyboards are Modern PC Keyboards. The mechanism is nothing but it is covered by an array of dome switches that gives positive tactile feedback. The price is about 2200 rupees.

The Keyboard consists of three layers. The center layer is “Spacer” with holes containing at the place where keys are present. Also, the other two layers are membrane layers containing conductive traces. The spacer layer separates the two membrane layers. Some of the applications of this type of keyboard are namely Telephone system, Telecommunication Systems, Industries, Security Systems, Office purposes, Medical Equipment, and also for household purposes.

Types Of Membrane keyboard

The Membrane-based Keyboards are of two types namely Flat-based membrane keyboard and Full travel Membrane keyboard.

Flat-based membrane keyboard

The Flat-based membrane keyboard has three layers. Also, the top layer is printed icons, and the remaining are button designs, conductive ink, or material on the back. When the person presses the button, then the upper and lower meet and follows the command of the person.

Full travel Membrane keyboard

This type of Keyboard is a one-piece design. The design consists of the membrane substrate which is placed over an electrical switch matrix. These type of keyboards have spring at the bottom of the keys that pushes the membrane substrate.Full travel membrane keyboard

What is a Keyboard?

The keyboard is one of the input devices. It allows a person or individual to enter the letters numbers and also symbols into the Pc or laptop. For the computer, the keyboard must be connected to it. The keyboard automatically comes along with the laptop. Using of Keyboard is referred to as Typing. The Keys on the keyboard are said to be as push buttons or mechanical switches.keyboard

The keyboard sends a signal to the computer. The computer screen shows the character, symbol, and text typed by the keyboard. Also, it has some special keys. They are arrow keys, CTRL keys, and also ALT keys. Ctrl C to copy the text, and Ctrl V for pasting it. Ctrl F for finding any word in a document. These are also called Keyboard shortcuts. There are also some wireless keyboards on market.

Difference Between Mechanical Keyboard and Membrane Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard:                                                                              

  • It is a little bit expensive.
  • When the key is pressed then it touches the mechanism on the other side and is read by the circuit.
  • The key should be pressed gently.
  • It works accordingly.
  • Also, it produces sound when it is clicked or typed.
  • This keyboard has the mechanism of working.both kb

Membrane Keyboard:

  • It is at an affordable price.
  • When the key is pressed, it forces the rubber layer, to touch the circuit.
  • The keys should be pressed hard, to know the circuit of the other side of what you are typing.
  • When keys are pressed there will be no sound.
  • This Keyboard has a rubber layer of working.

Pros And Cons


  • The design is simple.
  • Even the price is not so expensive. It is affordable.
  • When compared to a mechanical keyboard the membrane keyboard is small in size.
  • They produce less sound while typing compared to other types of keyboards.
  • These types of keyboards are made of plastic.
  • The materials used to build the keyboard are conventional.
  • These are lighter than mechanical keyboards.


  • It doesn’t have many customization options.
  • Also, it is difficult to disassemble and clean the device.
  • The reliability is average and also tacticity of feedback is low.
  • Spare parts of the keyboard are unavailable.


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