How to Download & Install Windows 11?

To Download & install Windows 11 you should follow some methods. However, present Windows10 is running successfully with more features. Also, advanced features can be found on Windows11. One can download and install Windows11 on a computer or laptop.

About Windows 11

Well, Already you have listened to the buzz about Windows 11. It is not officially announced. According to buzz, it has a new taskbar system. Also, you can download and access all android applications on it. However, it has all power and security of windows with a redesigned and new look.WIND 11

There you can find new tools apps and sounds. While using it the user gets the refreshing experience of PC or laptop. Not all PCs are ready to upgrade to windows 11. Only if these meet requirements then only it can be upgraded to the Windows 11 version.

Requirements To Install Windows 11

The following requirements should be available for your windows 10 pc.

  • The Ram should be of 4GigaBytes.
  • Also, the processor must be 1 Gigahertz.
  • Storage should be more than 64GB.
  • The system firmware should be secure boot capable and UEFI.
  • The Graphics card should be Compatible. Along with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver.
  • However, the display must be 720P. It is greater than 9” diagonally, 8 bits per color channel.
  • The user should have a Microsoft account.
  • Along with these, there must be fast internet connectivity. So, that it completes the update at once.

Download and Install Windows 11

If your device meets the above requirements then you are ready to download to windows 11. Below are the steps to download.

  • Using this method you can download and install windows 11 officially.Windows 10 upgrade
  • However, the first step is to make sure your PC meets the requirements.
  • If you are using windows 10 Pc. Then, go to the “Type here to search” on the taskbar and type “Settings”.
  • The results get displayed. Now, tap on settings and open it.
  • On the top right corner, you will find “Windows update”.
  • If you find any updates about windows 11. Then tap on it.To Download & install Windows 11
  • After tapping click on “download and install”.
  • If you are using high-speed internet it takes less time.To Download & install Windows 11
  • No need to do any external changes.
  • After completing now, your Pc is ready to run on windows
  • In this way, you can officially update.
  • Also, there are external sites to download windows 11.
  • But, instead of using them use the official way of downloading. It keeps you safe and secure from bugs and malware.

Why One Should Upgrade To Windows 11?

However, as all, you know technology is increasing day by day. So, the users of the technology also should be updated along with it. Now, the latest version is windows 10 later windows 11 gets released. When it gets released then update it and start using it. even in windows 10, there are design issues.To Download & install Windows 11

So, by installing the new version the small bugs and issues can be fixed. The new update looks very promising and satisfactory to the users. It is worth downloading and installing the new updates. The update is a free version. You can install it on the existing Pc. You can use third-party tools for scanning compatibility.

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One can download and install windows 11 easily. The information about windows 11 and the requirements to update the windows versions are also given here. About win 11 and its detailed information is mentioned. However, why one should upgrade to win 11? is also given above.


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