Dox AKA Doxxing – Everything You Must Know

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Doxxing Facts

Doxxing is one of the most common hacks that people do. In fact, this is used to leak information about any individual or an organization. But, before we know about what exactly is Doxxing, we should know some of the most important facts. These facts about Doxxing will give you a brief about how Doxxing started & also other things like if it is legal or illegal. Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s see some of the most important Doxxing facts that you must know.


Most Common Doxxing Question

Here we will find some of the most common Doxxing questions that we come across. If you have anything else to ask about Doxxing, then let us know in the comment below.

Q1: Is Doxxing legal?

Ans: Before we talk about Doxxing legalities, we must know that, as per the cyber law, getting anybody’s information without is Knowledge is illegal. On the other hand, Doxxing is the process to get information privately. Hence, Doxxing is illegal.

Q2: What Will Happen If Someone Does Doxxing?

Ans: Doxxing in a simple term is fetching private information. Therefore, if someone does Doxxing, he/she is trying to illegally get information on an individual. This means, if someone does Doxxing, he or she is a criminal as per the Cyber Law.

Important Facts About Doxxing

Below are some of the most important Doxxing facts you must know about.

  • In Doxxing, Dox Stands for Document
  • Doxxing first emerged in 1990 but later it was implemented and the event occurred by the Blacklist of Net. Nazis and Sandlot Bullies. Thie leaked information like email, phone number and mailing address of every individual.
  • Adam Young further developed this into the malware in 2003 which leaked millions of information. Therefore we suggest you to use Antivirus on your PC and Mobile.
  • No matter what means or medium you use, if you are found Doxxing, you might be punished.
  • Communications Statute and the Interstate Stalking Statute are the only two federal laws that can help you with issues like Doxxing.

Above are some of the important facts that you should know about Doxxing. But, if there is something else you want to know more, then you are welcome to ask in the comment below.

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