What is Email Validation API? Why Is It Important?

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A high-quality email list is an integral part of email marketing efforts. Building an email list requires a careful approach while calling for substantial time investment. Failing to get conversions for a solid email list is not just frustrating, it can lead to considerable time and money losses. Email validation API can solve many problems that tend to occur with email lists.

By ensuring email addresses are valid, you can maximize the returns from your email marketing efforts. Poor email hygiene can lead to unfortunate consequences, from high bounce rates to blacklisting.


Email Validation API – Why is It Important?

Email Validation API

Why is email validation API so important? What can it do for your business?

1. Reducing Bounce Rate

When collecting email addresses for your list, it’s highly important to check if they are real. While some people may make honest typos when entering their information, others deliberately mention the wrong address to get freebies but avoid getting follow-up emails.

Since these people aren’t part of your target audience, you don’t care if you get the wrong address, right? Wrong! By sending emails to non-existent addresses, you are spending your time and money while increasing the bounce rate and ruining your sender’s reputation.

An email validator checks if the email address is real without sending an actual message to the receiver.

2. Correcting Spelling Mistakes

Spelling mistakes are highly common when typing email addresses. People don’t make them on purpose. But just one small typo can turn a valid address into a useless set of numbers and letters.

Experts from Byteplant state that the most common syntax errors occur in domain names. An email validator checks if the domain name is valid and corrects typos. So if the email address is incorrect initially, an email validation API can fix it instead of throwing it out of the list.

3. Avoiding Account Suspension

When you keep sending emails to invalid addresses, your sending reputation slowly worsens. Eventually, your account may be suspended.

If you send emails to people, who don’t want to receive them, you may end up in spam folders too often. As a result, email providers will mark your address as something that should go into the spam folder automatically.

The sender’s reputation should be impeccable for your account not to end up blacklisted or suspended.

4. Cutting Costs

The more messages you send, the more money you are likely to be paying if using an Email Service Provider. The fewer erroneous messages you send, the less money you spend. It’s that easy.

An email validator can help you ensure that each email you send has the potential of bringing you a conversion. Accordingly, you’ll only be paying for useful emails.

Just one wrong address in your email list can lead to substantial expenses in case you are sending emails regularly.

5. Collecting Valid Emails

If you use an email validator on your website, you can help users avoid errors when typing in the address in order not to deal with the email list hygiene later on.

The validator can also keep the users from typing in the wrong address deliberately to get your free services or literature.

You can safely use email list validation service from EmailChecker that is highly accurate for validating Yahoo mail accounts with 99% email deliverability

An email validation API is an essential tool for any company or individual trying to create a useful email list for marketing efforts or other needs. While saving time and money, such programs increase conversion rates and help maintain an excellent sender’s reputation.

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