Everything About Online Gaming and Broadband

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Everything About Online Gaming and Broadband
Everything About Online Gaming and Broadband

Continuous improvements in internet speed is changing everything, including gaming. A few years back, the possibility of challenging an opponent from far parts of the world was an imagination. You had to be in the same area and even share the same machine to compete in a game. Better broadband speeds are allowing online game lovers to connect with their counterparts from all over the world. Fast internet speeds act as the basis for a good gaming experience. A poor internet connection can spoil the fun due to lags that occasionally disconnect the gamers. This is why you have to consider your internet speed requirements before you choose a broadband package. Below in this article, we will cover the Everything About Online Gaming and Broadband.


Why Speed Matters

With a faster internet connection, you can enjoy online games without having to wait for lags to end. Wider broadband is required in online games because you have to process a lot of data between two remote locations. Broadband with low internet speeds cannot process the huge volumes of data transfers in online games. Such broad bands have inconsistent connections that affect the quality of the game and sometimes to the extent of disconnecting you and the other party.

What is the Ideal Speed for Online Gaming?

You can measure your broadband speed using two parameters, the upload speed and download speed. Upload speed is a critical factor in online gaming because it determines how fast you send information over the internet. A fast upload speed in online gaming will help you control the game quicker hence placing you at a vantage position. The speed required for online video games differs depending on the consoles used and the game you intend to play. For most online games, the upload speed should not go below 1 Mbps and 3Mbps for download speed.

You should also consider the other devices you wish to connect to the broadband to come up with an accurate figure for your broadband package. The speed requirements for gaming may be higher if you prefer using your PC. Playing video games using a PC requires a download speed not less than 6mbps to keep up with your opponents who may be using the latest gaming devices and super-fast internet connections.

Ping Rate

Ping rate is also a key determinant of the quality of gameplay. Ping rate affects how the game responds to your controller actions. It will determine the time taken for the game to respond whenever you press a controller button. Your internet connection’s reaction time determines the ping rate in online gaming. The reaction time is mostly affected by the number of people using the network and physical distances. The ping rate you get vary depending on the gaming platform you are using and the size of the server. A ping rate of less than 100 ms will give you uninterrupted game sessions, but the experience can be more impressive if you go below 20 ms. High ping rates result in delayed gameplay because the console will take longer to connect to the server. Such slow connections can keep you at a disadvantaged position if your opponent has super-fast connections and high-tech devices.

The Best Internet Connection for Gaming

Most online games will work with regular download and upload speeds, but ping rate will differ between different broadband providers. Some of the dominant broad bands in the UK include EE, Sky and BT. You can compare the download speeds and upload speeds for EE, Sky and BT and choose the one that best suits your broadband requirements. For those in need of a more stable connection, you can select a super-fast fibre-optic broadband. Most of the experienced gamers prefer using broad fibre-optic bands because they have less lags and are more reliable.

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