How To Find Someone On TikTok | Steps ( With Screenshot)

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To Find Some One On TikTok there is a process. As all, you know that TikTok is a famous short video application. By using this many people became popular. Here you can use your account as public or private.


How To Find Someone On TikTok | Steps?

If you find your friend’s account on TikTok then, there is a process. You can find that person’s account. Below are the steps to get the account:

Step 1: Open Tiktok application

Firstly, take your mobile and check for the TikTok app. the TikTok app will be a music icon with a black background. After finding the application tap on that app icon and launch the application on your mobile.tiktok app

Step 2: Search

However, after opening the application you will find a search bar. It is at bottom of the screen named “Discover” with a magnifying glass icon. Tap on that search bar and then, enter your friends or the person’s username to find his account.search2

Step 3: Number of Suggestions Get Displayed

After typing the name of the person you want to see. Then under the search bar, while you are typing a number of suggestions get displayed. Do not get confused now, tap on the search button which is displayed on the right side of the bar

Here a number of profiles get displayed with similar names. Check for that person’s picture and then follow their profile. By following that person you can get all their updates when they posted.profile

Step 4: Other Way of Adding Friends

Also, by scanning the QR code on TikTok you can add your friends. Moreover, the QR code is just next to the search bar. This is the easier way of adding friends. But only up to some friends it gets worked out.

How To Add Contacts To TikTok App?

You can add contacts to the TikTok app. For the friends who are in contacts but not in TikTok, you can search for them in a short way. Below are the steps to add the contacts:

  • Firstly, open the TikTok application.
  • There you tap on “Me”. It is displayed at the right bottom corner of the screen.Find Some One On TikTok
  • Then tap on the “user icon” symbol. It is the top left corner of the screen.
  • To find TikTok users from your contacts then tap on “find contacts”.Find Some One On TikTok
  • Here the people who are using TikTok from your contacts get displayed.
  • If you want you can follow them. You will get their videos immediately when they posted. You can like the videos and also share them. Also, even you can do a duet with their video.
  • In this way, you can find persons who are in your contacts in the TikTok app.

Why Most Of the People Use the TikTok App?

There are so many people who use TikTok. It is that famous because as it is a short video app. Also, the people who do the video need not sing or speak with their own voice. Just lip-sync to the audio which is playing in the background along with some facial expressions is enough. These are the basic things need to do the video.Find Some One On TikTok

Moreover, by trying in a unique way and adding tags that are trendy. You can make your video to be famous. Also, you can gain more followers. By having More than 1000 followers you can go live on the TikTok application. So, it became famous among teenagers and above. In this way, there are more downloads of this application. It can be accessed on both android and iOS versions.


The steps to find some on the TikTok app are mentioned clearly. Also, you can find the contacts who are using the TikTok app. By following each and every step carefully you find people whom you are searching for in the app. Also about why most people use the TikTok application is also given clearly.

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