How To Fix Err Internet Disconnected Error in Chrome (2021)

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Fix Err Internet Disconnected Error on chrome. However, one can fix the error using a simple technique. Moreover, it is an annoying browser that prevents users from connecting to the website.


Fix Err Internet Disconnected Error On Chrome

Below are the methods to fix the err Internet Disconnected error on chrome

Method 1: Clear The Cache

The cache in a browser should be erased. Sometimes, the browser gets stuck if there is more cache. It prevents the user to connect to the internet. So by using the below steps you can erase or clear the browser cache.

  • Open a browser and start browsing. If it gets displayed by error code “Err_Internet_Disconnected”.
  • Make sure that your device where you are browsing is connected to the internet.
  • Still, if you are getting the same error. Then, click on three dots. These are at the right top of the screen, besides the search bar.
  • There you will find many options. In those options select “More Tools”.Clear data
  • In more tools, you will find “Clear Browsing Data”.
  • Then a new tab gets opened. There you select “All Time” as the time range.
  • Click on checkboxes like Browsing history, Cookies, and other site data, cached images, and files.
  • Now, Click on the “Clear Data” button at bottom of the screen.Time line
  • Thus the cache will be cleared and the issue gets solved.

Method 2: Run Network Troubleshooter

If your error did not get solved. then go for this technique

  • Press “Windows Key + i”. Then Settings app gets opened.
  • Now, click on “Update and security”.settings icon
  • From the left-hand menu now select “Troubleshoot”.
  • Below troubleshoot, select “internet connections:.
  • Then, select “Run the troubleshooter”.Fix Err Internet Disconnected
  • Now, follow on-screen instructions to run the network troubleshooter. Check whether the error got solved or not.

Method 3: Restart Modem or Router

If the error is not fixed then you have to restart the modem or router you are using. Firstly, reload the page again. If it displays the same error then switch off the modem or router. Also, pull out its power cable from the wall socket. Wait for 1 minute and then connect the modem or router to the power source. Now load the page it starts working.Fix Err Internet Disconnected

Method 4: Reinstall Your Network Adapter

This method is one of the methods to fix the windows error issue.

  • You can re-install your network adapter when you face an internet connectivity error.
  • Press “Win+R” keys. Now you enter ” devmgmt.msc”.Fix Err Internet Disconnected
  • In the “Device Manager”, open the “Network Adapters” category. Now, right-click on your network adapter below this category.
  • Select  “Uninstall Device”. If any pop-up appears conform to it.
  • Now, restart your computer. The system will automatically check and reinstall your device.
  • By this also the problem gets solved.

Method 5: Reset Network Settings

If there is any network issue this is the perfect method to fix the network issue. By using the command prompt option you can do this.

  • Press the “Win” key and then type “cmd”.
  • Right-click on the command prompt and then, select “Run as Administrator”.
  • In the command prompt enter the following lines. Press enter after each line of command. Wait for the process to complete after each line.Fix Err Internet Disconnected
  • “ipconfig /flushdns”(Line 1)
  • “ipconfig /renew”(Line 2)
  • “netsh int ip set dns”(Line 3)
  • “netsh winsock reset”(Line 4)
  • Restart your computer after the configuration of four lines gets completed.
  • Later open the chrome browser and browse anything you wish. Check whether the error is gone or not. The error connections get reset.

What is Err Internet Disconnected?

In many cases, the Err Internet Disconnected issue happens when your computer disconnects from the Internet. However, if your computer is disconnected from a connection. Check and see if your network connection is in on condition for your computer. There are some methods to build the best website builders. Moreover, the network cables are properly plugged. Then your network devices will run normally.error


Err internet disconnected issue will be solved using five methods. Any of five methods can be used to fix the error. About err Internet disconnected issue also clearly explained. By using clearing cache, restart your router, reset network settings, reinstall your network adapter and also run network troubleshooter. This is the most annoying thing to the users. Users get fed of the error.

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