Fix Your Computer Is Low On Memory Warning

Low On Memory Warning displays when the computer is running out of space. However, all apps use some space. If some apps use more space then the pop-up will be displayed. It is displayed because to prevent user information from getting erased.


Fix Low On Memory Warning

The issue gets fixed using some methods. You can follow any one of the methods to sort out the warning on the screen.low memory 2

1. Increasing Of Virtual Memory

RAM- Random Access Memory. In computers or Laptops, the memory is 4GB, 8GB, and so on. The more the RAM the more speed the computer or laptop works. If there is any lack of space in RAm then the system becomes slow. Also, warning messages like Low on memory are displayed. Below are the steps to increase the virtual memory:

  • Press the “Windows Key + R”. Then, a “Run” dialog box gets opened. In that box type “sysdm.cpl” and then click “Ok”. Click on “Advanced System Settings”.windows key
  • Now, “System Properties” gets opened. Here switch to the “Advanced” tab. There under performance click on the “settings” option.settings memory
  • In the “Performance Options” go to the “Advanced” tab. Under “Virtual Memory”  click on the “change” button.Update memory 2
  • Now, the virtual memory window gets opened. There uncheck the “Automatically manage paging file size for all drive” option. Here highlight your drive and select the customize MB and maximum Mb size. Never select the “No paging” option.updating of memory
  • If you increase the paging file no reboot is required. But, if you have decreased the paging file size. You should reboot it in order to apply the changes.

2. Close the programs that use more memory

Follow the below steps to close the programs that use more memory

  • Right-click on the “taskbar” of the computer. Tap on the “Task Manager” option.task manager on pc
  • The “task manager” window gets opened. There you select the “Processes” tab and then click on the “memory”.
  • Here you “remove or end the Process” which uses more memory.end the process
  • By using this the issue gets solved.

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3. System Maintenance

Using this method also you can fix the warning alert on your computer.

  • Go to the windows search and then type “control”. Here on top, you can see “Control Panel”.
  • Open the app and then in the search bar type “troubleshoot”. Select “Troubleshooting” from the results obtained.
  • On the left-hand select the “view all” option.view all
  • From there you select “System Maintenance” to run the troubleshooter. Now, follow the screen prompts.system maintainance
  • In this way also, you can fix the low memory problem.

4. Updating the OS

Go to the settings app. Then windows update and check if the system is in an updated version or not. If it is in the updated version it’s fine. But if it’s not in the updated version then, update it. However, if you update windows it improves the system stability and fixes various issues. If any updates are yet to be done do and install the update

5. Run C Cleaner

  • Firstly Download and Install C Cleaner.Low On Memory Warning
  • Then, double click on setup.exe to start the installation process.
  • Now, click on the “Install” button to install the application. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the app completely.
  • Open the application when installation is done. From the left-hand side select the ‘custom’ option.Low On Memory Warning
  • Here you should checkmark anything other than default settings. After completing the selection click on “Analyze”.
  • Then analysis starts and after completing click on the “Run c Cleaner” button.
  • Now, it starts clearing the cache and cookies on the system.Low On Memory Warning
  • If you want to clean the system more. Then, select the “Registry tab”. Now, make sure the following ones are checked.Low On Memory Warning
  • After completing click on “Scan for Issues”. Now, c Cleaner starts scanning.
  • It shows current issues with “Windows Registry”. Now, you click on the “fix selected Issues” button.Low On Memory Warning
  • Then, it asks “Do you want backup changes to the registry?” Now, select “Yes”.
  • After backup got completed then, select the “fix-all selected issues” button.
  • Moreover, after completing the issue reboot the PC to save the changes.
  • The issue Low On Memory Warning on-screen gets fixed.


Low On Memory Warning is displayed due to lack of space. It is to alert the user that the system is running out of space. This issue can be fixed using above discussed methods. However, follow them carefully and sort the issue. Often some apps use more space which leads to the space problem. Also, you can fix this and make your device in normal condition as before.

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