Fix Youtube Error : There Was a Problem With The Server [503]

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Youtube Error can be fixed easily. However, as all, you are aware of youtube. Often while using youtube you will be getting the error – “There Was a Problem With The Server [503]”. The error can be seen on any device like your Android or iPhone or Pc.


What is the cause of “There Was a Problem With The Server [503]”?

There are some causes of the server [503]. About the server many users reported and investigations are done by officials. Later they found that this error occurs – when the site’s server is not reachable. Below are some of the causes of the error.

Server Too Busy

The server sometimes may get busy. This is one of the issues where we get this type of errors. Maybe scheduled maintenance or an unexpected outage period is causing affect your area. If it is the case, then you will not have any repair strategy at your disposal. Other than checking the status of Youtube servers regularly.

Youtube Error

Playlist Queue

If the playlist that you have played is too long then, this issue occurs. Because when you play a long playlist it takes time to load. Finally ends up with a server error. This typically occurs in some instances where the “Watch Later” list has over a thousand different videos. If this is the case then you can resolve the issue by deleting videos until you hit the 3 figure mark.

Corrupted Cached Data

This is the most common problem for Android devices. Many people encounter this problem. The cached data folders get corrupted. So, to resolve this issue you can simply delete the corrupted data. However, this is one of the causes of the server [503] issues.

Fix the Youtube Error

There are certain methods to fix the youtube error issue.

Fix 1: Clear The Cache

If you are an android user then there will be cache stored in the mobile. So, deleting the cache for the youtube app can help you to fix the error. Below are the steps to clear cache for the application

  • Go to the “settings” app on your mobile.
  • Then, tap on “Apps”.
  • After that, the list of apps gets displayed. Then, scroll them until you find the “Youtube” app.
  • When you find the app tap on it to open it.clear data 2
  • There you can see “Storage”. Inside that, you click on “Clear data” and then “Confirm” it.
  • After the process completes tap on “Clear cache” and then “Confirm”.
  • Now, you restart the youtube app and then check the issue is resolved or not.

Fix 2: Power Cycle the Device

By power cycling, the device refreshes the network connection. Below are the steps to recycle the device:

  • The first step is to turn off your modem/router.
  • Then, unplug it and wait for one minute.

unplug the modem

  • Now, again plug in your modem or router.
  • You start connecting the modem or router to the mobile or PC.
  • Now, launch the youtube app and check if the issue is solved or not.

Fix 3: Remove videos From Watch Later List

If you keep more videos on the “Watch Later” List then this may be the cause of the server. So, try to remove some of the videos. Go to the watch later list and try to make the videos to be 3 or completely delete all the videos. Click on the three-dotted icon and select Remove watched.

watch later

Fix 4: Reset APN Settings

Many android users resolved the youtube error using this method. One can reset Acces Point Names to their default names. Below are the steps to reset APN.

  • From the home screen of your mobile, you tap on the “Settings” app.
  • Then, tap on “Mobile Data” and select your active data connection.
  • After the data connection is active then tap on “Access Point Names”.
  • Inside that setting tap on the three-dot icon.
  • Then you can see “reset to default” and tap on it.
  • After you do this restart your device and see the issue is resolved or not.

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The Youtube Error “There Was a Problem With The Server [503]” can be resolved. There are some methods by which one can solve the issue. As all, you know this error occurs in every mobile and Pc. By following every step you will find a way to fix the error.

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