How Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Story?

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Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Story? Yes, we can see who views our Instagram story. It is similar to whatsapp status. You can upload a story or pole or for interaction funny questions. This is a special feature on Instagram.


How Can You See Who Views Instagram Story?

Below are the simple steps to see who viewed your Instagram story:

  • Firstly, open the Instagram application on your mobile.
  • Now, Upload a story. It can be uploaded by sharing any post to the story by clicking on the rocket symbol.
  • Also, it can be shared from your gallery.
  • You can edit the picture that you are going to upload a story.
  • Also, you can write any text, add gifs, music, in the post, and stickers to it.
  • You can even tag the people in the picture.
  • Then you can share the story with all the followers or you can select and share only with them.
  • After some time again open the application.Instragram Viewed
  • Go to the story. Scroll the screen up.
  • There you can see how many people “viewed” your story.
  • Some send reactions to the story you posted.Story
  • You can share a story with some people. You can create a close friends list.
  • While sharing the story then it asks whether to share with all “followers” or with some “Close friends”.

What is an Instagram Story?

In 2016, August Instagram launched the stories option. In Instagram Stories one can take photos, apply effects like a boomerang, zoom in, zoom out, and so on. The story updated will be automatically removed after 24 hours of uploaded time. One may send a reaction to your Instagram story. You can also tag the people in the story. Already seen stories will go in White color. It is the same as WhatsApp status.

When you share the Instagram story with all followers the ring around your profile looks in a combination of partial dark yellow and red color. If it is been shared with only “close friends” then the ring appears in “Green Colour”. Instagram introduced “Story Highlights”. Instagram HighlightIt will appear after 24 hours also when they opened our profile and check Highlights. These are also called “Permanent Stories”.

Instagram Live

This option is also there in the stories option. If one person wants to go “Live” then he should tap on the camera button. which is the top left corner of the screen. At bottom of the screen, you will find options where you can see “Live”. Click on it and you can appear to your followers who follow you on Instagram. The people who are watching the video can comment and also send reactions to you.Live video on instagram

If you hide Chat on Instagram live, then you will not able not see any comments, and the people who are watching also cannot comment on your Live video. For a live video on the top right corner, you will find the count of people who is watching the video. Also, when any one of your followers can join the video if he sends the request “Join the video”. When you accept both people can interact on live video with your followers.

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