How Can You See Who Views Your Twitter Account 2021

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It is a very common anxiety for people who have a Twitter account. How Can You See Who Views Your Twitter Account? Due to its plenty of features, it is not possible. But you will find a trick to know who viewed your profile.


How Can You See Who Views Twitter Account 2021

Following are the steps to find two who visited and viewed your twitter account:

  • Open Chrome browser and type Twitter Analytics.
  • Then tap on the first page.
  • Now, Log-in with your Twitter account.
  •  There you can see the last 28 days activities by you.Analytics
  • The number of tweets you made, and how many people have read your tweets.
  • Also, who visited and viewed your profile.
  • You can click on the Tweets page.
  • Here you can see a daily Tweet-by-tweet breakdown. Also, how many people saw and retweeted it or liked it.
  • Tap on the “Audiences”. There you can see the demographics of the people who saw your tweet. You can also see where they are from. The gender and language of them.Audience page
  • These are all interesting things that you can know from Twitter. If you are building any brand for an overview this will be very useful.

What is Tweet?

A Tweet is a piece of information that you post or receive from Twitter. One can write up to 280 characters and can insert images four of maximum and can post it. It will get tweeted from your profile. You can tweet about the organization, group, and individual. Interesting photographs can also be tweeted. It is used for short content reading people. Mostly twitter is used on all smartphones.retweet

The tweets can be seen by you and your followers depend on your privacy settings. If you protect your tweets they appear only for them and not for the public anymore. When you created the Twitter account by default tweets are public. But to protect them you have to change the settings.

Why should one have Twitter Account?

Twitter account is useful for anyone. Maybe of a student, business developer, politician, policymakers, and so on. For students, it is very much useful to research academics. It provides links to your blog stories, journals, articles, and also for the news feed. It easily promotes your research work. Also, you can reach a large number of people by making tweets and retweets.

However, you can follow the experts who work related to your topic and research. You can also build relationships related to work with experts. You can keep up to date with the latest news and also developments. Moreover, you can contribute to discussions on events. Also, you can reach new people. You can send feedback to other’s work and receive feedback from them.Twitter account

Twitter is a safe and secure website. It requires password protection for the account. The profile picture can also be updated. It shares your real information and your interests of yours. You can follow the pages of your wish and interest. Even it connects the like-minded people on the page.

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