How To Disable and Bypass AdBlock Detection (2021)

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Bypass AdBlock Detection can be done using some techniques. However, some websites show many pop-ups and ads not to view their content. Some deny your access to their website. Users feel so uneasy to use that type of website.


How To Disable & Bypass AdBlock Detection?

One can bypass the ads on such websites. You have to follow some tricks. They are of five techniques namely

  • Use Incognito tab
  • Accessing Cached Website
  • Reading mode
  • User scripts
  • Disable javascript

1. Use Incognito Tab

By adding an adblocker extension to the incognito window you can bypass the ads. The incognito or private window or tab does not contain any cookies, any personal information of yours like browsing history. This works on firefox and also for google chrome.Incognito tab

To work adblocker extension on the incognito window you have to enable it. Then only it gets worked out.

2. Accessing the Cached Website

Sometimes Incognito may not work properly. At that time you need to go to the cached version of the website. For this firstly you need to enter the exact URL in the google search. Then the results get appeared here. From the list of results select the ideal result and then click the downward-facing arrow and select cached.adblocker opera

When it is done the cached version of the website will appear on the screen. the cached version is simply a snapshot of a website at a particular instant. Many things get varied in any period of time on any website. New information gets uploaded over time to time.

3. Reading Mode

Firstly, apple introduced this feature on safari. It is for both mobile, and desktop versions. At Present, it is with a neat user interface with a focus on content like images, text, and video. If this is not available on your desktop you can add “Just Read” as an extension for chrome. Also, “this one” for opera as an extension. by this also you can bypass the ads.

4. User Scripts

Instead of all these trial and error methods. you can simply use this for Adblock detection. Install ” user script manager”. It is a type of browser extension. the user interface manages the user scripts. It is a program written in javascript that allows web page modifications. Bypass AdBlock Detection

If your desktop uses a chrome or opera browser then you have to install Tamper monkey. However, if your browser is firefox then you have to install grease monkey. After installing visit the filter list and fill in the details. Also, after filling restart your browser. By adding this as an extension you can simply read any website content without ads. The ads get bypassed by installing these apps as extensions for the browser. There are some best sites available to watch NFL online.

5. Disable JavaScript

Visit the website address and click on the padlock icon. However, it on the top left side of the screen. There select the “site settings” option from the drop-down menu. Then a new tab gets opened. However, now scroll the page until you find the word “Javascript”. When you find click on the drop-down menu beside the word. From those options, you select “Block”.Bypass AdBlock Detection

Now reload the page again. Just remember one thing that you are disabling the entire javascript. By using that everything related to javascript gets erased. Some of the information may also get missing. Just you are reading some matter on the website. Also, the best video downloaders for chrome are available. Here you can download videos.


To Bypass AdBlock some of the methods are mentioned. By using these methods and apps as browser extensions they get worked out. However, by having the apps as extensions you can bypass the ads. You can read peacefully without any ads getting blocked. Also, these are safe and secure methods. Moreover, you need to worry about anything to use this as an extension.

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