How To Change Thumbnail On Youtube Video?

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How to change the thumbnail on youtube? The video has thumbnails in short. the image that represents the video is the thumbnail. To change the thumbnail you need to know some steps.


How to change the thumbnail on youtube?

Following are the steps to change or edit the thumbnail on youtube for the video:

  • Firstly, log in to the youtube studio from your mobile or desktop.How to change the thumbnail on youtube
  • Click on the “menu” and then tap on “Videos”.Menu Youtube
  • Select the video from the videos list you want to edit or change the thumbnail.
  • Now, click on edit. Then tap on edit thumbnail.
  • Select the thumbnail and then click on custom thumbnail for uploading a custom thumbnail to your video.Custom Tumbnail
  • Now, confirm your thumbnail selection and then click on select.
  • Then save it. The thumbnail gets on your video.
  • This is the process of editing or changing the thumbnail of the youtube video.

What is the Importance of Thumbnails?

The thumbnail is important for the video. It makes the page or channel optimized. The video traffic is also maintained by this thumbnail only. It is nothing but Snapchat of the video. This is the image that represents the video in the short form. Even on mobile, you find a thumbnail for a gallery of photos, screenshots, and so on. Also for a video, this is the welcome part. It is like a cover page of a book.Gallery Thumbnail

The computer operating system has a thumbnail. It shows in a different way. Even if you delete the thumbnail for the photos the mobile gets slowed down for a while and starts recreating the thumbnail. Without a thumbnail, any folder can not be viewed. Also, they are index in the textbook. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Similarly never judge a video by its thumbnail. The videos of youtube are played frame by frame even.

What is a Thumbnail for a Video On Youtube?

The preview in the form of an image of the video is the thumbnail. It indicates the subject of the video wants to represent. It should be perfect because the uploader should tell the viewer about the video in the thumbnail itself. Also, it is like the welcome part of the video. It looks small but the importance of that to the video is large. There are many grids and layouts for updating the thumbnail. The thumbnail must be attractive to the viewers. Also, it should be creative and beautifully designed. There are some applications in the google play store to edit the thumbnails. Also, there is best video editing software for youtube is available in AppStore and google play store.Thumnails of youtube

The brand must be indicated on the thumbnail. It should be optimized for whatever device the viewer is watching. If you did not upload or forgot in a hurry to upload a thumbnail then youtube picks any of the images from your video and keeps it as default. Thumbnail is the images which are still. You can change the thumbnail or edit it after uploading even. the video title must be easy to read. The title can be lengthy even. You can keep your images in a funny or in questioning way if you want.

What are the requirements of a thumbnail for a video?

There are some particular requirements of a thumbnail for a video. They are as follows:

  • For a thumbnail to be perfect it should have 1280 by 720 pixels of size.
  • The dimensions of the thumbnail use an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • Also, the width must of 640 pixels.size
  • The storage of the image must be below 2 MB.
  • Thumbnail images should be in the formats of JPG, PNG, or GIF.
  • The thumbnail must be eye-catching to the viewer.
  • For a Perfect thumbnail, these are the things that must be available.
  • The perfect thumbnail makes the video a perfect look for the people who are watching.

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