How To Delete or Clear Snapchat Messages in Android/iOS

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How To Delete Snapchat Messages: You can do this before your friend sees your message. It is possible to delete messages manually. The messages when the recipient reads get automatically deleted. Here your speed counts when you want to delete a message because as it has to be deleted before others read it.


How To Delete Snapchat Messages on Android/iOS

You have to follow the below steps to delete Snapchat messages on your mobile:

  • Firstly, open the Snapchat app on your mobile.
  • Now Login if required.
  • Then swipe left to right to see the chats of your and friends.Chat on Snapchat
  • Click on the conversation that you wish to delete.
  • Open the conversation and select the message you want to delete.
  • Tap and hold the message. Then you can see options like “save in chat”, “copy” and “delete”.
  • Now click on “Delete“. It shows a pop-up notification asking “delete chat”. Tap on it so that it deletes only that particular message but not the entire conversation.
  • When you deleted the message it appears to both who is at receiving and sending end that the message was deleted.How To Delete Snapchat Messages
  • Here speed matters a lot for deleting a message because there may not be a full-speed internet connection while deleting.
  • The reason for the deletion of the message may be the weird language of typing or any typo error of the message. In Windows, you can recover deleted files but here you cannot recover the deleted messages.

What are Snapchat Messages?

Similar to other messaging apps Snapchat also has the feature of messaging to friends or known people. They are of “Conversational” than “transactional”. In Snapchat, if one sends the message and others read it, automatically the message gets deleted. This is a special feature compared to other messaging apps. The messages on the group chat will be deleted after 24 hours of time.Chats on snapchat

In 2016 Snapchat updated its messaging feature. The updated version allows the user to send stickers, easier access to audio and video conferences. Later after two years, this app introduced the feature of deleting the sent message: audio, video, message, etc. After that, it got updated where the user can share music gifs, tunemojis, etc.

Snapchat End To End Encryption

Snapchat has the feature of end-to-end encryption. For snaps that are videos and photos are end to end encrypted. From 2019 even messages are end-to-end encrypted. It is also called E2EE. The use of encryption is to prevent data from being read by third-party users.

Snapchat Chat

In Snapchat, the chat box is present when you swipe the screen from left to right. Now you can tap on the messages icon at the top. Then search for a friend you want to start the conversation. Click on “chat”. Now, you can chat with anyone you wish.Messages Snapchat

Also, you can make conversations pinned. You can make conversation with that person more frequently. Also, When you pinned it appears at top of the screen on your mobile. Even the chat of the person can be unpinned. For up to now pinning conversation is available only for the iOS version. When you pin any of your friend chat Snapchat does not give notification to other people.

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