How To Fix Application Error 0xc0000142?

    Error 0xc0000142 occurs if any application has a starting problem. However, this error occurs in all types of window versions. It is a common error that affects the applications on windows. This error occurs if any file is missing for an instant fix it.


    What is Error 0xc0000142?

    This error occurs if any program or application fails to initialize properly. Moreover, it occurs in any version. It is caused by a malfunction or a corruption with the application or program you are trying to use. If Dynamic Link Library(DLL) files are missing on your computer you will get this error.Error 0xc0000142

    How To Fix Error 0xc0000142?

    Below are the different types of methods to fix the error:

    Method 1: Reboot

    If this error is displayed on the screen. Then, reboot your pc by closing all files and applications. When you do this even the error message also gets closed. Also, when you reboot the system error fixes some issues. So, you cannot get this error. This is the temporary fix for that instant.Error 0xc0000142

    Method 2: Update/Re-install NVIDIA Drivers

    If the graphics driver is outdated this error occurs. To update it and to fix the error follow below steps:

    • Open browser on your PC or laptop. Now, search “Nvidia Drivers”.
    • Now, results get displayed. Tap on “Download|NVIDIA” .Error 0xc0000142
    • It gets redirected to its own window page. Under the “NVIDIA Driver downloads” section you select “Product Type”, “Operating System”, “Product”, “Windows Driver Type”, “Product Series”, and “Download Type” as your driver specifications.
    • Now, tap on “Search”. If the driver is ready for downloading.
    • Then, click the “Download” button to download the driver.driver 2
    • Now, you can close the browser and check on windows where the driver is located.
    •  When you find it double-tap on it and start the installation process.
    • After installation gets completed then restart your computer.

    Method 3: Uninstall Unknown Programs/Applications

    The process to uninstall unknown programs on the desktop is given below:

    • Firstly, open the “Windows control panel”.
    • Now, tap on the “Installed Programs” list.
    • Select and uninstall programs like “SW Booster”, “Search protect”, “Performance Optimizer”.programs
    • If you find any one of these programs select it and also uninstall the program.
    • Then, check if you are able to fix the error or not.

    Method 4: Run Troubleshooter

    By troubleshooting on the computer the error may get fixed. The process to troubleshoot on Pc is given below:

    • Firstly, go to “Windows settings” then click on “update and security”.
    • Here select “troubleshoot”. The troubleshoot screen gets displayed.
    • Then, click on Windows update. There you can find the “Run the Troubleshooter” button. Click on it.troubleshooter 2
    • After that follow the steps shown on the screen carefully.
    • Troubleshooter fixes the bugs and also repairs them automatically.
    • However, by using this method if there are any update issues they get fixed.
    • To apply the changes you made restart the system. Check whether the error got fixed or not. If it is not fixed go to another method.

    Method 5: Download and Replace DLL Files

    By downloading DLL files you can solve this problem. Follow the below steps:

    • The first step is to download the”Game error Fixer” as a Zip file.dll 1
    • Open the file from the location.
    • Select the copied files that are downloaded. You can right-click on them and click “copy”.dll 2
    • Go to the game directory where you are facing a problem. There you right-click on empty space and paste them.dll 3
    • However, restart your computer to apply the changes. Now launch the game and run it without any error.

    Method 6: Run Compatibility Troubleshooter

    By running the application on a compatibility troubleshooter you can fix the error.

    • When the error gets displayed while running an application. Then, right-click on that file.
    • Select the “Properties” and then click on the “compatibility tab”.
    • Now, you click on “Run Compatibility Troubleshooter”. If the games work saves the settings and continue.troubleshooter
    • Also, put a checkmark on “Run this program on compatibility mode for”.
    • Then, select the operating system to which the driver is available.
    • Now, tap on “Apply” and then exit. By using this method also you can fix the error that got displayed on the screen.

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    Above mentioned methods are used to fix the error displayed 0xc0000142. By following each step clearly, you can fix it easily. If one method did not work go for the other one. You will find a way to fix it. After fixing it you can easily access any application, program, and file without any errors.

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