How To Fix If Suddenly Siri Stops Working?

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Siri Stops Working suddenly on your mobile. Then go for Settings on your mobile and check it. Siri is the voice assistant on apple mobiles. For Android mobile “Hey Goggle” is the assistant.


Fix If Siri Stops Working

Following are the steps to set up “Hey Siri” on your iPhone:

  • Open Settings on your mobile.
  • There you will find “Siri & Search”. Tap on that option.
  • Check to Listen for “Hey Siri” and allow Siri when locked is turned “on” or not.
  • If they are in an On position then when you say “Hey Siri” it should respond to your voice.Siri Not Working
  • Make sure that when you say “Hey Siri” the phone is not covered or face down. By default, it doesn’t respond if it is like that.
  • So, now you go to settings again and see for “Accessibility” option.
  • Then when you tap on it you will find “Siri”.
  • Click on it, and check if Always Listen for “Hey Siri” is turned on. If not turn it on position.
  • Now, if your mobile is covered or upside down you can access it for “Hey Siri”.
  • In this way, Siri’s not Working issue can be fixed.

How Will You Setup Voice Assistant For an iPhone?

Below are the steps to help Siri to recognize your voice and works as your voice assistant when you say any activity to your mobile.

  • Firstly, go for “settings” on your iPhone.
  • Check for the option “Siri& Search”.
  • By default, there you can see Listen for “Hey Siri” in the off position. Turn it on.Setup
  • Here you will find Setup “Hey Siri”. Then click on continue.
  • Say whatever the command that comes on the screen of your mobile.Siri
  • Then click on Done.
  • Thus your Siri got set up on your mobile and you can use it. Before any activity, on your mobile, you have to say “Hey Siri”.

What is Siri On iPhone?

“Siri” is the virtual assistant for apple mobiles. Not only for mobiles for iPad, Watch OS, macOS, tvOS also uses Siri as part of it. For all iOS mobiles iPhone Xs, iOS 13 uses Siri. However, iPhone is an American product even the “Siri” is found by them only. Siri is Introduced in SRI International Artificial Intelligence Center. It accesses voice commands, queries, gesture-based controls, navigation systems. To respond back it uses a natural language user Interface for questions that the user asked. Also, it uses advanced machine learning technologies for functioning.iPhone Siri

By telling “Hey Siri” you can ask it to call any of your friends or text any message to your friend. Also, you can search for any matter using it. Even it is used for accessing third-party recognition apps. You can ask Siri what is the weather today? Read my new messages? call to mom? Define?  It responds back accurately. Some people play with Siri telling Good Morning, Will you marry me? What is the factorial of 100? and so on.

Even Apple watches passcode can also be set up using this. Siri can also speak the vulgar language and discriminating words even. By default, it is in an off position. But it can be turned on manually. If Siri responds to you about one answer. Also if it has another one also then Siri asks you do you want to listen to another answer the if you reply “yes” it responds back with its second answer.

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