How To Fix Video On Youtube keeps Buffering?

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Youtube Keeps Buffering when there is a slow speed of the internet. Also, when there is a signal problem with the sim you are using these things will be happening. But waiting is not liked by everyone who is thinking to watch the video.


How To Fix Youtube Keeps Buffering?

There are no proper guarantee methods for fixing the buffering issue. But, by taking the below precautions or steps you can fix the buffering issue of a video:

  • Firstly when the video is getting buffered test the internet speed. If it is fast then there may be a problem with ISP(Internet Service Provider). It is a temporary technical issue that can be solved if you choose to watch the video in low-quality mode.Youtube Keeps Buffering
  • If you are using the router for browsing the videos then restart it. Also, make sure that it has the latest firmware. Check it on the manufactures website.
  • However, you can restart your mobile or computer while the video is getting buffered. If there any cache-related issues these will get solved. The android mobile gets speed up.reboot mobile
  • By, using the fast VPN the youtube video buffering gets stopped and starts playing the video without any interruption. The VPN helps to connect the youtube server faster than anyone.

What is Buffering?

The word Buffering is preloading data into a reserved area of memory. when you try to watch the video or listen to audio online then the data gets first downloaded a certain amount of data and then starts playing the video or audio. Even when you are playing the live video there will be a delay which is built-in.Video Buffer

The delay in loading a certain amount of data results in buffering over the internet. Mostly buffering occurs when the internet speed is slow. Internet buffering occurs when there is a problem in providing the signal from the satellite, your home wi-fi may be slow, and the signal provider cannot send the data as fast as you want. If more devices are connected to one router or wi-fi connection the speed may get slowed. You can troubleshoot the issues by the above methods.

About Youtube Videos 

Nowadays a number of people are creating their own channels and starts uploading videos. As smartphones are available to every one most people are showing interesting in content creation on the digital platforms using youtube. Various people have different interests one member likes acting next one likes to write scripts and another person may like shooting and photography.

By creating their own channels they are spreading a lot of useful as well as unuseful content even. People who are passionate show interest in creating videos and uploading them. While some other people just copy the same theme and start wasting the time. Running a Youtube channel requires some skills like main management and how unique is your video.Youtube video

If your uploaded video is unique and the thumbnail you used for the video is perfect. If you want you can change the thumbnail of the video. Many people watch the video and get your view count more and even downloads may be more. You can start earning money based on different aspects. Like a number of clicks, watch time, subscribers, and so on. Youtube awards you a silver play button if you have 1 lakh or 100k subscribers to your channel. Even if you had ten lakhs or 1 million subscribers then you will receive a gold play button. Also if you have 10million subscribers then you will get a diamond play button.Buttons for video

Why Adds Are Displayed In the Middle of Video?

The Ads are of three types in the video namely are pre-roll, middle roll, and finally post-roll. the adds that come before the video plays is the pre-roll ad. Most pre-roll ads can be skipped after a certain time. Mid-roll ads are the ones that come in the middle of the video and some of these are skippable and some are not. The last one that is post-roll comes before the video ends and people watch it because as the content gets interesting you think to watch what happens at last.Youtube add

It purely depends on the content uploader about ads. Now-a days paid ads are becoming popular. Promotional activities of any brand also take place along with the video. The youtube doesn’t run the ads in between videos. The only AdSense by google runs the ads in between videos. According to the content creator, the ads are made. If you don’t like the ads then let the content creator or uploader know then that person can make changes.

The people who are most interested in watching the content watch even ads. These are like the break to the video. Some people may get irritated and try to totally stop watching the video because of ads in between videos.

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