How To Link Aadhar With SBI Bank Account Online

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Link Aadhar With SBI Bank

Linking Aadhar card with your bank account is mandatory these days. It’s a rule that the government has created & you need to do it right now if you haven’t yet. So, if you want to link your Aadhar card with SBI bank account but, don’t know how, we have a step-by-step solution to that. Just follow the below steps & you can link your Aadhar card with your State Bank of India account within a few minutes.

Steps to link Aadhar with SBI Bank Account online

  1. Go to the Official Website of SBI Bank
  2. Go to “Personal Banking>Login
  3. Login with your net banking “User ID” and “Password”.
  4. Go to “My Account >Update Aadhaar with Bank accounts(CIF)”.
  5. You’ll need to re-enter your password to start the Registration Process.
  6. Enter your Aadhar number in the fields that just opened.
  7. Click on “Submit” to finish the registration process.
  8. A message confirming the successful Aadhar linking will pop out.

That’s it! You’ve now successfully linked your bank account with Aadhar card. Although systems can change & in the future, if you’re unable to link your Aadhar using this process, just let us know in the comments section & we’ll try our best to help you out with the updated process.

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