Working Ways To Loop a YouTube Video Easily om 2021

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Loop a Youtube video can be done. However, a video if you want to repeat the video then you have to use the small technique. Also, by using this you can repeat the same thing on mobile.


Loop a Youtube on Desktop/Pc

Following are the steps to Loop a Youtube video:

  • Firstly, open the youtube app from the desktop or from the browser.
  • Select the video or search the video you want to watch in repeat mode.
  • Play the video. Now, right-click on the video there you can see many options like Loop, copy video URL, copy video URL at the current time, copy embed code,  troubleshoot playback issue, copy debug info, stats for needs.
  • From those options select “Loop”.Loop
  • Then the video plays in repeated mode. If you want to off it then only you can play other videos.
  • Until then the video plays in repeated mode.

How To Add a Video to Playlist?

Following are the steps to create a playlist:

  • Open youtube from your mobile or desktop.
  • Select the video you want to play.
  • Let the video get played. At the bottom of the video, you can see three stacked lines with a plus sign.Loop a Youtube video
  • It asks to create a playlist. Type the name you want the list to be.
  • Click on Done. The playlist gets created. You can watch it later.Loop a Youtube video
  • Tap on the playlist there you can see the videos you want to save in one place.

Using Additional App

By using the additional application called “LoopTube”. You can copy the URL of the video and paste it. It can be used on mobile. After pasting it in the search bar, select AB loop at any point of the video.loop tube

Using this it will be helpful to learn skills, language or sports. The part of the video gets repeated using this app. You can play any part of the video repeatedly.

What is a Loop?

Loop is the repeated one. If you wish to watch the video again and again. You can change the setting to loop mode. However, Loop is the one that does not have ends. You can create a playlist of all your favorite videos and can make them in repeat mode.

When the video is in loop mode. Then the video gets repeated after ending. Only it gets to off then only the loop mode gets off. Then only the other video gets played.

About Youtube

Youtube is a big platform where you can watch many videos. Also who are interested to share their knowledge you can create a channel and make use of it. Moreover, one can do video marketing here. If your video crosses 400 hours of watch time from then you can start earning money. Many people earn money just by uploading videos with different app

The thumbnail must be attractive. You can also change the thumbnail if you think it’s not attractive. So that people show interest to watch the video what it is about. Moreover, many people became famous by making short films and making them popular with their unique content. Viewers show much attention to the videos which are used to them. You can create a playlist and add videos to it to watch later. If you don’t watch any video on the home screen. Press three dots tap on not interested. then, the video gets removed from the home screen.

Some of them upload job notifications, some of them prepare food items, some of them yoga tutorials, and so on. Once if their videos are popular then they get more views, shares, downloads, likes, comments, and more money even. You can learn so many on youtube. Everything is available on youtube. zit is a famous video browsing platform among all people.

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