How To Make Espresso With a Coffee Maker

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How To Make Espresso With a Coffee Maker

Coffee is one of the best things which refresh your mind throughout the day. Whereas coffee lovers can be found all around the world. In fact, each one of us has different taste choices and favorite items on the menu. One thing remains common in all of us that we can not compromise with the taste that we love in our coffee. Coffee is consumed by most of the people in the world. In this article, you will find our step by step guide on how to make espresso with coffee maker.

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How To Make Espresso With a Coffee Maker

Making great coffee is an art itself it can be made through various coffee. Whereas, varieties of coffee are popular all around the globe. In fact, the most commonly consumed coffee beverage remains a cup of an espresso shot. The steps for making a coffee is simple and can be made easily at home. Furthermore, You don’t have to worry about how to make coffee at home. Because we are here with our step by step guide for how to make coffee with a coffee maker.

Steps To Make Espresso With a Coffee Maker 

  1. Coffee beans: The first step in making a cup of the espresso is finding the best coffee beans. In fact, there is no such thing as the best coffee for making espresso, and it all depends on your personal taste.
  2. Grinding beans: Grinding the coffee beans is an art. Additionally, you do not want big grainy crumbles of coffee beans as they will easily let water percolate through them, and the brew will not be rich in flavors and acids.
  3. Water: After the ground coffee is ready you need to fill the water in your coffee machine. Make sure to keep the water at a temperature close to 90C or 200F as most of the extraction will happen at this temperature.
  4. Brew process: After you have poured the ground coffee into the machine and closed the lid to apply pressure on the beans. Then you need to turn on your coffee machine on to start the brewing process. The brewing process will be complete in a few minutes and you can have your favorite espresso shot.

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