How To Post Multiple Photos On Instagram At Once?

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How To Post Multiple Photos On Instagram? This is the most popular question by everyone. Instagram is one of the most popular social- networking applications. Millions of pages, accounts, and hashtags are available in it. However, one person can post only one picture as a post at once. So to post multiple photos at a time on the app can be learned in this article.


How To Post Multiple Photos On Instagram?

Following are the steps to be followed for “how to post multiple photos on Instagram at a time”:

  • Firstly, Open the Instagram app on your mobile.
  • Click on the “+” symbol. It is at the bottom middle.Add post
  • There you can see the Photo “Library” of yours. The library icon is present in the left lower corner of the screen.
  • Here the latest photo will be viewed first.
  • Now “Select Multiple”. Now you can select multiple photos.Select Multiple
  • Select the photo you want to post.
  • The photo selected appears blurred, with a blue number 1.
  • If you tap on another photo it becomes blurred, with a blue number 2.
  • The selected photo appears in “viewer”.
  • Here the numbers 1 and 2 indicate the order of the photos the followers’ view.
  • If you select the photo and again you want to deselect it then, again tap on it.
  • The order of the numbers will be changed. Nothing affects the photo view to followers.
  • After completing the selection of photos then click on “Next”. The next option appears on the top-right corner of the image

Editing Photos:

  • The edit option appears on the screen.
  • If you want you can edit the photos, crop them, increase the brightness or decrease it.
  • While you are editing the photo which is in editing appears at the main portion of the screen.
  • You can also see part of the photo which is the next one.
  • Also, you can see the order of photos and if you want to add any new photos. Go to the end by swiping, there you will find “+”. Add the photo from your gallery.How To Post Multiple Photos On Instagram
  • After editing the photos. Click “Done” which is the top right corner of the screen.done 2

Posting the edited Photos:

  • When photos are the way you want, then click on “Next”. It is the top right corner of the edit screen.
  • In the New Post screen, you can write a caption.How To Post Multiple Photos On Instagram
  • Also, you can tag people, add a location, share your photo on other social networks, and turn to comment on and off.

What you should not do on Instagram?

While using any app not only Instagram, you should follow some precautions. Because too much of anything is not good for anyone. So while using you should be a little bit careful. Below are the things which you should not do on Instagram.

  • If you are a food blogger, it is okay to post regarding foods. Otherwise, you should not share them.
  • Not every photo of yours should be posted. Because if your account is public others will see all your posts and only then they tend to follow or not.
  • Too many photos of the same thing should not be posted. If you think of sharing then, edit then pick the best ones and collage them and then post it.
  • The screenshots of anything shouldn’t be posted.
  • If you are sharing any “Live event” then use “Hashtag”. The events have official hashtags.

What you can do on Instagram?

There are so many things to do on Instagram. Some of them are given below:

  • Always take your photos in natural light. Because if you use a flashlight there you can see more glare on your photos.
  • While you post any photo or video use relevant and official hashtags. You can create a custom hashtag, which is easy and relevant. Some examples namely: #happybirthday, #maldives, #spinstagram, #engaged, #firstcry, #naturelover, and so on.
  • Also, make sure that your photos are in focus and more attractive.

What are the rules of Instagram?

Some rules must be followed while using Instagram. They are listed below:

  1. You should not post too much.
  2. Anyone should not run any illegal contests.
  3. Banned Hashtags should not be used.
  4. While reposting a post. It will be posted with its own Instagram rules.
  5. You should stay away from the robots.
  6. Everyone should use a trusted third-party posting app.
  7. These are the key steps or rules for a successful Instagram app.

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