How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows

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How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows

How to recover deleted files from USB and External Storage
How to recover deleted files from USB and External Storage

The computer has become an indispensable element for most of us and is that in many cases it is the main tool of work. That is why the amount of information that we are storing is increasing as we store a number of photos, documents, videos, etc. But how many times have we eliminated some of these files by mistake that we later wanted to recover?

Surely when this has happened to us, we have gone directly to the recycling bin in search of what we have deleted by mistake. However, this does not always work since we may not be able to recover this document since it was also deleted from here or not available for some reason such as system failures, formatting, lost files, format errors, etc.

And that is when the question arises, what can I do? How can I recover my files? Quiet. You should not worry as we show you how to recover deleted files on Windows and Mac in a simple way thanks to the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard program.

Main features EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

  • Recover deleted files
  • Recover formatted files
  • Lost partition data recovery
  • Data recovery due to system failure
  • Failure to reinstall or update
  • Corruption of the file system or hard disk
  • Sudden shutdown
  • Software failure
  • Disconnecting the storage medium during the writing process
  • Incorrect removal of the memory card
  • Save lost files when the memory card can not be read or accessed


With the free trial version of EaseUS data recovery wizard, you will be able to recover data of 500 MB. If you share the software on Facebook, Twitter or Google + you will have 2GB to recover.

How to recover deleted files in Windows with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

This program also serves to recover files that have been deleted on your PC with Windows operating system. In this case, we can easily recover data from the PC, laptop, hard drive, SSD, USB memory, memory card, digital camera or other storage devices etc.

Step 1 – Download EaseUS Free

The first thing we must do is a free download and recover deleted files with this program in your PC

Once downloaded you will see how the icon appears on the desktop of your PC. Click on it to access the data recovery program.

Step 2 – Select the Disk Drive

Select the disk drive in which you want to recover the data by selecting it. Once you have done it, press the scan button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3 – Select the Folders and Files

Now, in the new screen, several folders will appear in the margin on the left; which will contain the information deleted on your PC.

If you select one of them, subfolders belonging to the first one will appear. Find the folder in which the files you want to recover are located. You can see the information they contain in the main column of the screen.

Step 4 – Select Restore

Once you have done this, check the box to select that folder with a check. When you have marked it, click on “Restore” located in the lower right corner of the screen to retrieve the information.

Step 5 – Choose the Location

You must choose the location where you want to restore the files on your PC. Select it and press “OK”

The process may take a few minutes and will depend on the volume of data to be recovered. When you are ready, the following message will appear on your PC screen and you can reuse the deleted information by looking for it in the location you selected in the previous step.

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