How To Remove Your Birthday From Facebook?

How To Remove Birthday From Facebook? Many people think hide their age from others. So, instead of removing your birthday from Facebook, you can remove the year you were born. Maybe this would be the best way of hiding your age from others.


How To Edit Birthday From Facebook in 2021

Below are the steps to edit the birthday for a Facebook account:

  • Firstly, open the Facebook app from a mobile or log in from a chrome browser.
  • Now, Select the “Timeline”.How To Remove Birthday From Facebook
  • Then, click “Update Info” under your uploaded profile picture or gifs.
  • Scroll down to the “Basic Information” and then “edit” it.
  • From the drop-down menu, select “only month and day” under your timeline.Show only month and day
  • Tap on “Save”.save your changes

How To Remove Birthday From Facebook?

For removing birthday follow the steps and then remove:

  • The first step is to open the Facebook app from a mobile or from a chrome browser.
  • Click on three lines in the right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the “View Profile”.
  • Now, click on “Edit Profile”.
  • Then Scroll to the bottom and then tap on “Edit Your Info”.
  • Click on “Edit”. Which is next to the “Basic Info” button.edit birthday.
  • Tap on the drop-down. Which is next to the part of your birthday information.
  • If you wish to change any of the “Privacy Settings”. Tap on it and select “More Options”.
  • Edit the privacy settings to “Only Me”.Hiding birthday
  • Go down to the bottom of the page and then click on “Save”.
  • The changes you made will be saved now.

What is the importance of Birthdays on Facebook?

When people start creating a Facebook account. It asks many questions like what is your gender, birthday, and so on. It’s up to their own opinion of the user to update birthday or not. Having a Birthday reminds others that your birthday is on that particular date. they show their greetings and feelings on their post or lovely messages.

Some of the introverts do not like people to know their age so that can hide the year. Whereas some people don’t want to know their birthday or birth month out. So, they can hide it. the process of removing the birthday is given above. Facebook itself wishes you at midnight of your birthday date exactly.How To Remove Birthday From Facebook

It is seen that most people check their Facebook for any of their friend’s birthdays. Also, people plan their birthday celebration spot on Facebook. In Europe, most people celebrate many times their birthdays. After the celebration of their birthday also post their pictures on Facebook. They use tags like #celebrations, #birthday, #happy, #cake, #gift and so on. Some present gifts for example cool gifts for mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and business development persons so on.

Most people valued birthday presents as quality time with their loved ones. Some people extend their birthdays to foreign countries. About forty-seven percent of people extend their birthdays. Also, they tend to enjoy more on an extended day. People celebrate their milestone birthday for several days with more enjoyment. Some plan before six months on how to enjoy on birthday with friends and family. Most people buy or order food on their birth date.


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