How To Save a Picture as a Pdf?

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Save a Picture as a Pdf can be done easily by anyone. However, there are some applications which need image or photo in the form of Pdf. Then, they feel easy by using some tools and methods to convert a picture to pdf format.


 What is a Pdf?

Pdf means Portable Document Format. It is standardized by ISO 32000. However, the Pdf is a type of document which includes, text and image in it. Also, the PDF contains encryption and file attachments. Moreover, digital signatures and metadata to enable workflows are also available. A simple pdf is a combination of text, bitmap graphics, and vector graphics.pdf image

The PDF files can be easily printed. Adobe or other application is used to read the PDF files. It is multi-dimensional to use. Also, it is more convenient and secure to read and share.

How To Save a Picture as a Pdf?

The image can be converted as Pdf. They can be easily shared and printed. The image can be saved in different formats. Moreover, they can be converted using windows to Pdf files. There are some websites where you can convert to pdf. There are some best free open source pdf editors to edit the pdf. Also, there are some methods to convert images to pdf.jpg to pdf

1. Using Adobe Acrobat online

By using the Adobe Acrobat website you can convert images to pdf files. You can convert any image file format like jpg, png, BMP, and tiff to pdf. After converting you can download it and share the file. Steps to convert image to pdf:

  • Open the chrome browser and then type””, click enter.adobe pdf converter
  • There on the screen “Select a file” button gets displayed.
  • Tap on it and then select the image you want to convert to pdf format.
  • Once you have selected then, adobe automatically makes the image to pdf.
  • Sign in to the page to download and share the image.

2. Using Small Pdf

Small Pdf is also an online image to pdf converter. Without installing any third-party applications you can use this online. Below are the steps to convert Jpg to pdf:

  • Open the chrome browser and then type Then, click enter.
  • Here “Choose files” option gets displayed on the screen. You can tap on that option and can select the image or you can drag and drop the image.Save a Picture as a Pdf
  • After selecting the image click on “Create PDF now”. Then, wait for some time to convert the image to pdf format.
  • Then, after conversion, you can download the image and share it.

3. Using Windows Picture

On Pc one can convert an image to pdf using Windows Picture and fax viewer. It is pre-installed on windows. Steps to convert on Pc is given below:

  • Firstly, open the image in windows picture and fax player. You can simply double-click the image on windows explorer.
  • Then, it will take you directly to that program.
  • Here you can select the “print” option. The window gets pop-up. Click on “Next”.
  • You can select the images you want to convert in the window that pops up. Click on the box next to the image to convert them as pdf.
  • Therefrom the printing options window select the appropriate pdf program to convert. Then you can click on “Next”.
  • You can save the pdf in your selected location. then click on next to create a pdf on windows.

Using applications like Cam scanner, image to pdf converter, jpg to pdf converter. However, one can download these from the play store and can convert jpg to pdf, and can download and share it. Also, one can print it easily. Online websites like online2pdf, ilovepdf, jpg2pdf, and more are available online.Save a Picture as a Pdf


Conversion of the image to Pdf is easy. One can convert it in two ways one is online using a website. The other one is using third-party applications. However, the process is not so hard. It is easy and can save the image even. After saving then, you can also rename the file.


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