How To Shoot A Music Video Outdoor – Right Ways

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How To Shoot Music Video Outdoor

Shooting a video in outdoor can be one of the best plans if you don’t have a perfect studio. But, shooting outdoor can also affect music like air, vehicle noises, public disturbance, and sunlight. Whereas, if you have the right gadget then there will be no problem in shooting videos. In fact, some of the best videos were filmed in the outdoor. It also saves some of your money of renting a studio. In this article, you will find details about how to shoot a music video outdoor.

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How To Shoot A Music Video Outdoor

1. If t is Solo Track?

  • Choose location: The planning of the shoot location and the requirement of the equipment depends on the format of the song which you are shooting for.
  • Use AMP as your Monitor: If it is a solo playthrough or a band Video shoot, you might need different types of equipment accordingly.
  • Sound Card: You will need a sound card according to your type of music.
  • Cameras: For shooting a music video you will need a camera if you want a shoot from one angle then you will need a single camera. But if you want to shoot at different angles then you should have 2-3 cameras.

2. If it is a Band?

  • Location: If it is a band then you have to choose the location as per your band size and planning.
  • Monitor: In the band camp the actual monitor depends on the band size. There are various monitors available in the market you should buy it according to your band size.
  • Equipment: Instead of sound card you will need a mixer and a rack. Because sound cards only support one instrument at a time. Mixers and racks can connect a certain number of instrument and you can play according to your convenience.

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