How to Solve Problems With PRINCE2 Project Management

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Most of us have been assigned a project at work or from life which has sucked up so much of our time that we have never explored other ways of doing the same thing. As on a prince 2 Certification manchester course. Below in this article, we will cover the How to Solve Problems With PRINCE2 Project Management.

How to Solve Problems With PRINCE2 Project Management
How to Solve Problems With PRINCE2 Project Management

Will problems always stay the same?

Well no, I can tell; what you give is what you got and problems will change and evolve. When you talk about problems, usually you make a statement like this: “There is always this problem”, “Every time I try to improve it ends up in the same way”, “It is best done by someone else”. Well, the best way to interpret these statements is by comparing them to problems you have experienced so far.

There are always problems, but they do generally have a particular nature and a particular characteristic in particular, even when opposite problems occur. In the business world, the average human being already posses a variety of complicated situations every day such as a reputation as an arrogant person, difficulty in making a reputation long in their field, “It feels good to enemies”, “Enfaced genetically” and on and on.

This article is about “project management”. Projects are normally about doing “something” to “something else” which is a very definite project. It can take place inside the framework of bigger projects, inside the framework of the business, or outside the business in another dimension another world, e.g. new building, new products, new services, new ideas.

In project management technique we can tackle the problems that occur during the project, shall we? In other words, project management always means “coping” with the variable “something”.

To cope with the “Something else”, to handle the “something else” project manager has to do exactly the same thing, to survive this one is forced to step forward from the functional one into the project domain, from the project “something else” to the new, promising “something else”.

What are the things a good project manager should be able to control?

1. Avoid the temptation to kill the project team with problems.

2. Avoid the temptation to waste the entire budget, even be forced to admit that he did so, because “If it costs more it will come back to us with the secret and to spend all of this money for nothing”.

3. Avoid the temptation to wait until the inevitable moment. It can go well if initially scrutinizing the team for horror stories then go to a stage to explain why. At this point, we need to negotiate with those and assure them exactly the opposite of what they have was hearing.

4. Defining and agreeing on the budget is actually the most important position in any project management. If the project budget is left up to the last minute there is a danger to the Project Manager’s credibility. If everything is under control if money meant for the needed method should be there at the end of the deadline that is what we try to do “reframing” and which does not depend on the time available.

5. Exceptions and emergencies are part of the project.

6. Sometimes it IS a time to decide “do we continue or not?” It is about time to finish this article. Architecture is just this: finding the most efficient path to construct the building. Good Project management shall be about solving problems. The article is written however as a tool for an example, on how to map it.

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