How to Turn OFF Login Password in Windows 10

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You can turn OFF the Login Password for windows 10. However, for the protection of documents, files, images, video, and more we will be keeping login passwords. To access the computer or laptop fastly you can disable it even.


How to Turn OFF Login Password?

The process to turn off the login password for windows 10 is given below:

  • Firstly, on the computer and refresh it.
  • Then, go to the start menu and then type “netplwiz”. The top command of your result should match exactly with this name.
  • Click on it to open.Turn OFF Login Password
  • When the user account gets launched on screen. Then you untick the box which says that “Users must enter a name and password to use this computer”.
  • Now, tap on “Apply”.Turn OFF Login Password
  • There comes the pop-up to re-enter the password to confirm the changes.
  • Type and then click on “Ok”.
  • Thus the changes are applied.
  • If you want to test it you can shut down the laptop or computer you are using and then switch on it again.
  • Thus the login password gets disabled and can access your computer easily and fastly.

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Importance of Passwords?

To secure the information of an individual one uses a password. You have to go for a unique and strong password for important accounts. You should not use the same password for multiple accounts. A strong password must contain at least 8 characters which include alphabets, numbers, symbols upper case, and lower case letters.

If you properly construct the long password it makes the data of your to be more protected. While you make a password you should never use personal information. Like your favorite color,  pet name, date of birth, and more. Also, avoid consecutive keyboard combinations like QWERTY and ASDFG.Login app

If someone is looking at your keyboard or computer while you are typing a password. Then ask them politely to look another side. When your work gets completed for the day then you don’t leave it like that. It takes only a few seconds of time for you to log out. Do it and then you carry on with other work.

Always select never when google asks you to save the password. You can change your passwords regularly. Remember your password and never try to write on any paper. Also, don’t type your password when connected with an unsecured wi-fi connection.

About Windows10

Windows 10 Operating system was developed by Microsoft. Windows 10 is released after the windows 8.1 version. The user interface used is touch-oriented. The windows 10 version supports universal apps. This version is available in 190 countries and 111 languages. It has a lot of features available in it.Windows 10

It is best used for gaming purposes. Also, you can use more apps than previous version apps. It has a start menu, task view, Xbox, and common features that are used before.

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Having a login password to the laptop or computer secures the data. For fast-speed access to the computer or laptop, you can remove the password and use it. For security purposes, it is better to have a password for your computer or laptop.

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