How To View Unavailable Youtube Videos

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One can View Unavailable Youtube Videos by using some methods. Almost all the videos on youtube are available. However, you see it very often. It displays that this video is unavailable on youtube. The videos may be unavailable for different reasons.


How To Watch Unavailable Youtube Videos?

The fixes and different techniques are here. These are applicable for devices namely computers, laptops, tablets, and mobiles.

Restart your Devices

This is a simple and initial step. Just restart the device in which you are using youtube. Also restart the router you are using. restart pcIf you are using youtube on the browser then, reload it. Still, if the video is unavailable then follow the below techniques.

Change the Quality of Video

This works only for computers. Sometimes, while you are watching the video suddenly the video quality decreases often increases. This is due to the speed of the internet you are using the youtube automatically changes the quality of the video. If you are streaming the video at low quality for example 240pixels. While you are watching if the speed is less then it changes to 144pixels. So, to change the quality of the video follow the below steps.

  • On the computer, then go to the browser.
  • Here, type Click on the video you want to watch it.
  • Now, click on the gear-shaped icon. It is called settings. There in the list select quality. Here the highest resolution starts from 1080P, 720P, 480P, 360P, 240P, and finally, 144P is the lowest.quality change
  • If the video quality is fixed at 240 P then increase it to 480P or 360P. Also, if it is fixed at 720P then decrease the quality to 240P.

Internet Speed

The main important factor is to check the internet speed. However, if you are playing videos at low resolution then the download speed must be 500kilobytes per second. If you are watching the videos at high resolution then the download speed 7megabytes per second.View Unavailable Youtube Videos

You can check the internet speed by using the keyword “Internet speed test”. Check the speed on a trusted website. If you have a speed below 500kbps then try to improve the speed of the internet. Also, you can make a hotspot for windows 10 Pc or laptop.

Unblock The Video

Youtube has some restrictions based on different areas. In some countries the video gets restricted. it appears “The video is not available in your country”. Youtube UnavailableThe reason for having this is maybe the uploader has chosen the video to play in certain countries. Also, the other reason is maybe youtube has blocked the video because the specific content in it doesn’t obey the law.  To play this video you have some methods to follow:

1. VPN’s

VPN means Virtual Private Network. It helps your device to connect to the public network instead of the private network. Similar to the private one it receives the data from public networks. This is the best way to bypass the blocked videos. Because here your location is encrypted and the connection is protected.View Unavailable Youtube Videos

It helps to hide your identity. Based on the VPN you use you can change the location address and IP address to the country where the video is not restricted. In this way, you can watch the unavailable video.

2. Proxy

The Proxy server or web proxy is the intermediate application that seeks information from other servers and sends it to the user. You can also watch deleted youtube videos. While you choose Proxy select the one which is secure. using this you can change the IP address. Now, you can play the video which is restricted in this country using other country address.IP address change

Download the Video

While this is not so simple a method to download the blocked video. The process to download the video is given below

  • At the beginning of the blocked or unavailable video URL type “ss”.
  • Then, it opens the “” Website. There you can change the file format to MP3 or MP4 and more and you can store
  • Also, you can use the official website “”. Here you can download the videos.
  • Just copy and paste the URL in the space provided on the website. Then download the video in the format you wish.
  • Here you can also choose a particular portion of the video to download.

Final Words

The blocked and unavailable videos are very rare on youtube. If you think to watch that particular video then you have to do the above things. By selecting the secure Proxy or VPN you can easily change the IP address and can view unavailable youtube videos. Check your Internet connection and speed of it. Also by changing the quality of the video you can watch the video which is unavailable.

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