How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos On your Mobile Or Desktop?

How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos?¬† This is the major doubt by the people who watch videos on youtube. While browsing videos you would find “Deleted video” and it will not play anything. Also, the thumbnail of that particular video looks empty.¬†


How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos?

Using some techniques and methods you can watch the deleted youtube videos. Following are the steps to be followed for watching the video. There are some methods to watch deleted videos. They are:

Method 1 – Using Link

Before going to the topic, let us know about “Wayback Machine”. This Machine is the digital archive to the world wide web or www. This is the main tool to access the deleted video on youTube. It allows free access to unlimited movies, websites, software, and more. The Wayback machine uses an advanced algorithm.

The person who uploaded the video should get the URL from the old video which is deleted. Follow the steps:

  • Firstly, open the Youtube app on your mobile or desktop.
  • Go to your channel and tap on the list of the videos which are uploaded.
  • Now Tap on the deleted video’s information.
  • Open the URL. You will not be able to watch the video.
  • Now copy the URL and go to the way back machine. Paste the link in the search bar at the top of the website.How To Recover Deleted Youtube Videos
  • Tap on the option “Browse History”.
  • Now, it opens the “upload history” of the youtube videos.
  • Here you can find the video uploaded with respective dates.
  • Now go to the video that got deleted and then download the youtube video.Deleted videos list
  • Again upload the video to your channel. So viewers can watch the video.
  • Now backup all your video for safety purposes.

Method 2 – Backup

The above method is always not useful. If you are not backed up. So you have a backup every time your videos. A backup will be helpful to access the video quickly. Most people don’t create a backup. By doing a regular backup of data serves as a great habit. It recovers any of the lost data. Moreover, it helps significantly at any such unfortunate incidents in the future.backup

Make a note that the recently downloaded videos from youtube will not be a part of the backup data. You have to find an alternative way to recover the deleted videos.

Method 3 – Contact YouTube Support

If any of the above two methods didn’t get worked then contact youtube support. Create a mail of your problem and forward it to the youtube team.

  • Open the youtube app on your mobile or desktop.
  • Log in to the Youtube channel account.
  • Then, click on the “Help” link. It is at bottom of the page.
  • Tap on “Need more help”.
  • Then select “Get Creators Support”.Help yt
  • Click on the category about the issue. Then click on “Email Support”.
  • Moreover, you may tap on the link mentioned as the “Contact Creator Support team.”

 Deleted Youtube Videos

Deleted videos are of two types. They are of namely, one is the video deleted by youtube itself. The second one is by the uploader. When the user starts searching for particular data. In the middle of the videos, there would appear “Deleted videos”. These can be recovered by the above methods if deleted from the uploader side.Deleted video on yt

The youtube has the right to delete the video. It deleted only when the content on that video is not good and informal. The videos can be watched if the uploader uploads the deleted video. Best video editing software should be required for efficient videos on youtube. Moreover, there is also another way to watch it if the uploader or owner of the channel shares the link of that video.


Youtube is one of the famous applications used by millions of people across the world. The latest update in the app is youtube shorts. Moreover, these are similar to WhatsApp status. They can also be called short videos which last for sixty seconds of time. Moreover, you can find trending videos in the option called “Trending”.

Also, if you want to get updates from a particular channel you can subscribe and click on the bell icon to get notifications. However, to access youtube firstly, you should log in with your Gmail account. Using this you can create a channel, comment on the video, like or dislike the videos you

The video can be watched in slow motion or fast motion by selecting the speed of the video. Moreover, the playback speed ranges are 0.25x, 0.5x, 0.75x, Normal, 1.25x,1.5x,1.75x, 2x. Also, the quality can also be changed accordingly. Also, the ranges of the quality are 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p.


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